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Saturday February 23rd 2019

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Trump challenges — can Democrats respond?

Ronald A. Edwards - The Minneapolis Story(dot)com.

Ronald A. Edwards – The Minneapolis Story(dot)com.

By Ronald A. Edwards – The Minneapolis Story and Guest Columnist

Donald Trump spoke truth when he asked Blacks in Milwaukee, Friday, August 19, 2016, what has the Democratic Party done for Blacks, and then appealed to the Black vote by asking, “What the hell have you got to lose?” These are great questions offering a challenge to Black America. The answer to “lose” for both sides is the same: the decisions of the new nominees for the Supreme Court.

This is not new. Blacks have been appealing for ending obstacles to prosperity opportunities for far longer than Donald Trump. Yet Trump is correct when he implies we should not vote for any party that leaves us in the back of the bus.

During the six days from when he asked his questions and this column was submitted, Hilary Clinton and liberal Democrats have been slow to provide a response to Trump’s very interesting reflections, especially about key realities regarding inner-city Black communities:  second-class schools and teachers, second-class jobs and higher unemployment among 17-34 year old Black men, second-class housing and economic neighborhood development, and second-class efforts dealing with higher incarceration rates for crime and gun violence in our neighborhoods.


It appears as if Donald Trump is reflecting on this dynamic in our history while Democrats deny it.


Donald Trump echoes what has long been known and long eloquently expressed, before, during, and since the Jim Crow period, although too many chose to ignore it. Trump echoes what Black historians and community and civil rights activists have long said. In 1932, enlightened Negroes were saying the same thing to the Republican Party regarding Black America’s support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Donald Trump is doing regarding Democrats in 2016.

Those who research history archives regarding the first third of the 20th century discover that by 1901, both the Democrats and Republicans had sold out the African American and the African American future in the United States of America, a sell out that continues in the 21st century, regardless of who is president.

President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was so comfortable abandoning the Negro that in 1914, he segregated, by executive order, the entire city of Washington, D.C., the supposed city that was to be a beacon on the hill shining its light of freedom, liberty, and justice. It appears as if Donald Trump is reflecting on this dynamic in our history while Democrats deny it.

Too often Black reflections are not accepted until the same facts are seen as relevant only when a White person makes them. What Donald Trump said must not be dismissed. The Harlem Renaissance and driving forces for deep discussions and calls to arms became a movement that would not be denied, even as the country moved into the Great Depression.

The discussions of the early 1920s through the late 1930s created a challenging mindset expressed by African Americans after doing battle for this country and for democracy during World War II. It is important, regardless of who said it in White America that Donald Trump merely echoed what was said by African Americans at the end of the First World War, at the end of the Second World War, and at the end of the uprisings and conflicts of the 1960s.

We welcome The Donald to the painful and sad history of Black America, as the sons and daughters of the African see far too little change and improvement, irrespective of the election of Barack Obama, and the tireless and committed commitment to provide for better opportunities and access for the sons and daughters of the African.

Again, thank you, Donald Trump, for supporting what Blacks have been saying since 1863. A lesson for everyone: know your history — and vote.

Stay tuned.

For Ron’s hosted radio and TV show’s broadcast times, solutions papers, books, and archives, go towww.TheMinneapolisStory.com. To order his books, go to www.BeaconOnTheHillPress.com.

Exclusive: The media, MN governor, education commissioner owe former school board member apology

Rather than focusing on Grant Nichols, we (concerned citizens of Columbia Heights) should ask: Is the person who the Mayor is giving the city of peace award is allegedly linked to terrorists?

By Don Allen – Investigative Reporter

Columbia Heights, Minn. – The City Pages wrote: Is Grant Nichols too big a moron for the Columbia Heights school board; the politically-bias public radio giant MPR aired: Columbia Heights school board member to quit over Muslim comments; and the good ole Star Tribune published: Columbia Heights school board member will quit over anti-Muslim comments.

Grant Nichols had his 15-minutes of fame when comments about the alleged hygiene of Somali immigrants were surreptitiously posted to his Facebook account by someone that had picked up his cellphone while he was elsewhere.  Of course the mainstream rags and the lazy Twin Cities reporting corps were all over this; a white guy from Columbia Heights; A Republican from Minnesota; and a member of the CH school board talking about a segment of the population that is growing in the small city just north of Minneapolis. The unfortunate thing for Nichols is that he was a member of the board voted in and trusted by the residents of CH…and that was too much – even for some of his right-leaning lackadaisical colleagues on the school board.

After the comments, not posted by Nichols went viral, the CH school board organized a “student-led” school walkout. Some attest the walkout was not student-led but politically driven by the CH administration pending governor Mark Dayton’s September 18 visit with Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius to publically condemn Nichols and shame him into resigning.  (Read: Dayton praises the Columbia Heights walkout, calls on board member to resign)

The problem with the governor and the commissioner’s contempt of Nichols prior to investigation is that both officials believed what they heard on the radio, read in the newspaper and saw on television. Of course Dayton and the commission never inquired about the failure of Columbia Heights School board to provide policy that would make sure more than functional illiterates graduated and not one left-leaning news agency bothered to look into the cities faulty processes of commerce, awards and equity – something that will change when a new mayor and city council is elected in November.  Of course by now everyone has heard about the graduation riot at the Columbia Heights 2016 graduation – but the governor nor his segregates comment on that – Nichols wasn’t involved… (Read: Dozens of police officers have swarmed Columbia Heights in what is believed to be a huge fight between high schoolers)

Below, Our Black News, who talked with Grant Nichols have uncovered documented and certified information that Mr. Grant Nichols did not make the social media post.  I’m no lawyer, but it looks like tortuous interference to me.

Below is the evidence provided to Our Black News that puts Grant Nichols free-and-clear of any wrongdoing other than having a Facebook account and leaving his cell phone unattended (Note: the last name of the perpetrator has been redacted). 

The continued battle by Michael Keefe for Justice

By Mr. Ronald A. Edwards – The Minneapolis Story

We have just learned from sources in Washington, D.C., that the Department of Justice will open an investigation into the matter of Michael Keefe and move against the city of Minneapolis with indictments of criminal charges against current and former Minneapolis officials. The stunning aspect of this ten year old case is that what we write here is not a “scoop” in the traditional sense of that term, as we have just found out. What is stunning is that the Star Tribune and the major city newspapers in St. Paul, Rochester, and Duluth, have all known about this since May 2016, and yet, due to their involvement and potential indictment, have remained silent.

This comes as an outgrowth of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee investigation, compelled by constitutional law due to the violation of constitutional rights and violation of equal protection of Minneapolis citizens. They referred it to the Department of Justice that sent it to the FBI to investigate.

We await eagerly to see how this case unfolds and to what level the press will now finally cover it, and to what degree with they be honest about their involvement in the cover ups regarding this case and in the violation of constitutional rights of fellow officers and citizens.

Stay tuned.

Over 20,000 words on the Keefe case since 2007, in our our archives of columns, blog entries, and solution papers. Order The Minneapolis Story and A Seat for Everyone, at Beacon on the Hill Press.


• August 29, 2007 Column: A profile in courage and integrity—the saga of Lt. Michael Keefe

• May 18, 2011 Column: Stanek, Keefe, Delmonico, Arneson: four who strive to make a difference

• May 30, 2012 Column: Tensions within the MPD revealed in the case of Lt. Michael Keefe.

• April, 24, 2014: The continuing battle of Sgt. Michael Keefe, and the disappearance of Black police officers from the MPD

• June, 4, 2014: Keefe file now open to the public. Sgt. Michael Keefe waits his day in court

• June, 18, 2014: The Keefe Report has been released into the open. Yet “they” continue to try to bury what can no longer be buried

• May, 21, 2015: Keefe case thrown out by 8th Circuit eight years after filed.

Blog entry:

• December 14, 2007, Five Black Officers Sue the City for Discrimination, as the Twin Towers of Minneapolis’ Nullification and Reversal Begin to Finally Crumble.

“Solution” Papers:

• November 22, 2011: DISPARITY/COMPLIANCE STUDIES: Minneapolis Practices Disparity And Purposefully And Actively Avoids Compliance. 20 columns, going back to 2005.

• July 14, 2008: Ending the City’s and MPD’s COVER-UP OF DISCRIMINATION will help to end the Discrimination in the Minneapolis Police Department

Written Monday, August 29, 2016
Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 2:15 am
Hyperlinked, August 30, 2016, 10:55 a.m.

Black Minnesotans: Is Unity a Weakness?

By Don Allen, Publisher 

Unity is not a social cabal. (photo: Family Quotes | ... Love Family Wisdom Quote - Fair Use)

Unity is not a social cabal. (photo: Family Quotes | … Love Family Wisdom Quote – Fair Use)

I’ve been to the East Coast, West Coast, down south and Canada. The black communities I engaged with wanted me to see the unique and intentional diversity, collaborations and success they had when working as a solid collaborative. Despite of looking in from the outside, I was able to see the most marginalized blacks in those communities who were thought of as radical, non-filtered, Republicans and unpredictable have a position within the community that believe it or not, was the main driver in getting things done on behalf of the community. After careful observation of these others, I reflected on Minnesota’s black community; it’s leadership, businesses, politicians and stakeholders. It seemed like something is been missing from the social and political construct. If Black Minnesotans working together in unity is a weakness, then how does that reflect what the mainstream sees in everyday news about black people and the generational gaps from education to wealth?

In James E. Blackwell’s (1975) “The Black Community: Diversity and Unity,” he writes about his journal, “The black community is defined as a diversified set of interrelated structures and aggregates of people who are held together by the forces of racism.” One could argue that with the evolution of Jim Crow; lynching to the miseducation of black youth (and adults), the black community is trapped inside of significant construct that puts barriers up against unity, collaborations and success when black Minnesotans come together, or in this case, if they come together.

Black Minnesotans have been looked at in the eye by local and state political leaders and told that “glory was coming from that-there mountain top” to save the cold Negro of Minnesota and his counterparts that make up the lower one-third of the community. However, when “glory fell,” it did not touch the treetops of black Minnesotans in need of a reset for high expectations.

Devoted Black author and speaker, Dr. Umar Johnson explains in simple clarity what’s happening to black people and how the system works:

“We are systematically denied access to wealth. We can’t build that hospital they built, we can’t open up 10 supermarkets, I can’t get ten gas stations in three-weeks because you’re going to routinely deny me access to wealth. Because if I finance your empowerment, that disrupts my system of extermination and genocide. You cannot kill a people who you are financially empowering. So we are kept without access to wealth. America has a policy where you do not empower black people for their own benefit.”

Dr. Johnson goes on to explain, “The Chinese, Arab, East Indian — They come to America. They can walk into any bank and get a loan. Not all of them, but many of them. In fact, some of them don’t even have to go to Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, or Bank of America and get a loan and I’m just using this to make the point. They show up in America with a line of credit from their native country. They come into the ghetto and open 10 stores, five-supermarkets, three-hotels. Blacks folks are still struggling. And then people look at us and say: You know why you’re still struggling? Because you’re lazy.”

Both James E. Blackwell and Dr. Umar Johnson seem to explain that you cannot be what you do not see; this means if Black Minnesotans cannot see how it’s done, it cannot be obtained because the people (generationally) who should have shown the way have opted to be cloaked (black community specific).  Furthermore, there are hidden constructs within the black community, especially in Minnesota that prevent unity, collaboration and success simply because the outer-designed-complex needs separation to operate inside the Black Minnesotan construct.

To answer the question if unity is a weakness in Minnesota’s black community, we need to look and recognizable those in the hierarchy of the Twin Cities black social clusters who most suffer insufferably from having individual agendas, silo thinking, lack of trust and the all too common vagueness about what it is they are doing, or achieve. Central negatives are discouraged from engaging these groups and are marginalized, excluded and considered non-helpful to black Minnesotans.

In short, unity should never be a weakness; but some make it so.

Don Allen to co-host AM1130 Twin Cities News Talk Radio 6-9AM on Wednesday

Did Donald Trump cause a scandal in Minneapolis without even being in town? Tune in tomorrow at 6AM to help us shake this one out, laugh and have a conversation about why the Star Tribune dances around many issues.

Screen Shot of threat to local reporter covering the story. You cannot make this stuff up.

Screen Shot of threat to local reporter covering the story. You cannot make this stuff up.

Donald Allen joins host Andrew Lee and producer #Lump (Samantha) to talk Trump, Milwaukee and the scandal brewing with Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis. Set your alarms, call your friends, family and co-workers – it’s on!

By Don Allen – Publisher

You cannot blame Donald J. Trump if something goes wrong with your campaign, especially since he really doesn’t care about a senate district in Minnesota.

The Star Tribune posted a story, “Marriage discrepancy clouds Ilhan Omar’s historic primary victory,” citing that a “website” claims candidate is married to two men, including her brother.  On Wednesday’s program we will be joined by AlphaNews reporter Preya Samsundar to talk about her story, “MN Candidate Faces Scandal in Wake of Primary Victory,” and why legitimate questions are not being answered.

Don,  Andrew and Sam (#Lump) will also cover what’s happening in Milwaukee; the upcoming Trump visit with special narrative by Don on the division and lack of organization here in Minnesota.

Look forward to a great program that starts at 6AM on Twin Cities News Talk Radio AM1130/FM103.5 and online at iHeart Radio (download the app).


Is there a Political Scandal in Minneapolis the Star Tribune will not touch?

From elected officials having children out of wedlock to the current question surrounding the martial status of a local Minneapolis primary winner, the Star Tribune and other Twin Cities media have shown their true colors. Remember, it’s not until the big white fourth estate publishes the story to make it a real thing.

By Don Allen – Publisher

This morning I was attacked on social media from posting a story about the young woman who unseated state representative Phyllis Kahn in the primary. Her supporters made comments like (unedited), “What in the hell are you talking about Don!?!? I have known yhis women for a very long time and no such thing has ever happened. Stop slandering her. That is just the lowest of the low…” – although I didn’t write the story, I’m clear that Facebook, especially my page was made for sharing whatever I wanted to post…right? No so.

Later in the day, I was challenged about why I would post “such a lie,” – but I fired back and asked these people – my Facebook friends suffering from a severe case of pluralistic ignorance to give me something; facts to combat this story about a marriage that usually only takes place in the movies, down south (and Canada). But of course, as usual, nobody made any sense and it was easier to attack me than go to the website that originally posted the story and send an email to the journalist responsible for posting it.

Being me, I did this. I asked the journalist was this story true? Her reply: “I totally understand. I just wanted you to know that what I wrote is truth. I made sure to verify via multiple outlets. Plus powerlineblog.com is written by lawyers. I am hoping to get some more physical copies of info in the coming days to provide an update. Thanks for the support!”

Now can anyone provide some facts?

AlphaNews reported that Ilhan Omar emerged victorious from her primary as a media darling, but a look into her past reveals possible marriage and immigration fraud. Omar defeated 21 term incumbent Phyllis Kahn for the DFL nomination for state representative in House District 60B.  It is historic because Kahn is the longest serving member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, having held her seat since 1974.  Omar will make history, if elected in November, as the first Somali-American elected to the Minnesota House.

On Friday, Powerlineblog ran a story that could severely damage Omar’s chances of making history. A reader tipped Powerlineblog to a post from a Somali community forum website post that suggests Omar may be directly involved in marriage and immigration fraud. A Somali Spot user posted information last week alleging Omar married her brother in order for him to immigrate to the US, despite the fact she’s been married to the father of her three children for over a decade.

Powerline cached the original post from Somali Spot that is now removed.  It shows screen shots of marriage records from the Hennepin County website showing that Omar was married to Ahmed Hirsi in 2002.  Hirsi is the father of Omar’s three children and is pictured with Hirsi and their children on Omar’s campaign website.

There is another screenshot of a 2009 marriage record showing that Omar married a man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. Powerline alleges that Omar married her brother, according to the blog post on The Somali Spot. The Somali Spot user “Abdi Johnson” says Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is Ilhan’s brother and implies that the marriage to Elmi assisted his entry into the United States.  Omar’s brother was a British citizen.  The post said, “As soon as Ilhan Omar married him, he started university at her Alma mater North Dakota State University where he graduated in 2012.”  It then explains that Omar’s brother moved to Minneapolis where he lived in public housing and later was evicted.  Eventually, according to the post, Elmi moved back to the United Kingdom where he currently lives.

This story is important. Although the Star Tribune and other local Twin Cities media outlets have chosen to look the other way (facing the DFL). If this is the case and the refusal of fair and balanced news coverage is exchanged for political favors, the local mainstream media is complicit in withholding information to their many listeners and reader.

I’ve given the supporters of Ms. Omar an opportunity to provide Our Black News with some information to counter this story, unfortunately, the attack seems to be better.

Minneapolis: Black Lives have to Matter to Blacks folks first before anyone else will care

It’s all about the sad deferment of Black Lives Matter in north Minneapolis; because they don’t – just ask the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), Minnesota Department of Transportation, Met Council, MNSure and the both the mayor and governor’s office. Putting money in the streets does not stop the streets you silly goose.

By Don Allen and Michelle Renee – Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. –By now you’ve heard the news; another black boy shot dead in north Minneapolis. The mayor of the city hasn’t a clue; nobody is talking to anyone outside of their DFL circles might have solid solutions. This is where the fail begins and where the headcount of dead black men and women will rise. It’s already happening in Chicago; over 100 people shot this week with over 20 dead…all black folks – this is in pace with Minneapolis, based on the population of Little Chicago (Mpls).

The sad, unfortunate truth with many Black people of whom are from poor, urban areas is that they fail to accept responsibility for their own actions and constantly blame the system for their oppression. Instead of blaming everybody else for your pitiful and pathetic social collapse, and using ‘race’ as your prime excuse, you should try to be more forthright in addressing the issues and problems that are disrupting and corrupting your communities.

Millions of Black men and women are being killed by other Black men and women every year…

1) Why is this not being protested against so profusely?

2) Why aren’t “BLM” taking to the streets to speak on the plenty unlawful murders of Black youths by other Black youths?

3) Why aren’t persistent, major steps being taken to prevent the devastating gun violence that affects the hundreds-of-thousands of Black neighborhoods across the country and has been doing so for decades?

4) Why isn’t this very same anger, rage and frustration they show to the police force being shown to the multitude of street gangs that plague Black inner cities and that are helping to destroy and obliterate your very own people who you so passionately claim need “justice” and need “protecting”?

5) Why isn’t Obama addressing this tragedy rather than inciting race wars? Where is Hillary if she profusely feels the “plight” of Black America?

This is why the overall Black American community will never progress into what it needs to be and why? In 2016, decades after the civil rights movement, the “White Male” is still being blamed for their social/political/economic/professional trials by the Liberals.

Ultimately, if one dresses like a thug and behaves like a thug and they choose to disobey the law, society has every right to treat you like the thug that you have made yourself out to be because this world owes you absolutely nothing in return.


KMOJ’s Calvin Quarles: What happened at KMOJ-FM; the Ron and Don Show

Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on Wednesday, August 17 at 8:30PM for what will be a telling experience about what’s happening at KMOJ-FM Radio. We are joined by Calvin Quarles, former station manager. To tune in Wednesday night, copy and paste this link into your favorite browser: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theronanddonshow/2016/08/18/kmojs-calvin-quarles-what-happened-at-kmoj-fm-the-ron-and-don-show

By Don Allen – for BlogTalkRadio and Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. – What’s happening at KMOJ is reflection on Minnesota’s black communities. We have folks who do not live with us, shop with us or co-mingle with us (except in nightclubs) making decisions they know nothing about. Join award-winning co-hosts Don Allen (Our Black News) and historian and civil rights icon Ronald A. Edwards (The Minneapolis Story) as we are joined by Mr. Calvin Quarles, former station manager of KMOJ-FM to find out his side of a gruesome tale of what we allege is an act of retaliation with the dismissal of due process.

We attest KMOJ-FM former station manager Calvin Quarles was dismissed by an illegal board. Both Mr. Edwards and I worked for CCD/KMOJ-FM; he as the boards chair and me as Economic Development Direct at a time when the station was in dire straits. In 1989-90, I was the economic development director for the Center of Communications and Development/KMOJ-FM. I wrote a 5, 10, and 20-year plan for the station while bringing in more than the station had seen months before. When I left, went to another job out of state, the station board members got greedy and the money was gone, the plans were cancelled and all of a sudden payroll where being missed.

Our team managed to engineer KMOJ back to a winning status. Upon Quarles arrival, the station was developed and made into a major player online and in the community.


The Center for Communications and Development/KMOJ-FM, per its bylaws is to have 13 community members on its board. A group of five (5) board members, not really associated with the black community, but who might identify as black made decisions, including what some sources say as the illegal termination of the station manager and a program manager.  This bad decision might cost Minnesota the Heart and Soul of the City…KMOJ-FM

The dismissal was led by the same person who was the executive director of the Minnesota Black History Museum (MAAM). That alone should send signals that something is seriously wrong. We still do not know what happened to over $3 million dollars in that situation (Prince is dead now people outside the black community will control archives filled with volumes of his historical legacy). As of today, the Center for Communications and Development/KMOJ-FM does not have a record of any board meeting where decisions were being made about the building, finance and plans for their current home.

Public inspection files are a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. All existing TV and radio stations in the US, and all applicants for new broadcast stations, are required to keep certain documents relating to the station’s operation and ownership in a file, in a place where members of the public may have free access to it. These files may be maintained on a computer database accessible to the public, or as paper files, which are usually kept at the main studio of the station in question, or elsewhere in the community of license, such as the local public library (FCC, 2016).

I’ve asked and was granted permission to review KMOJ’s records (just as many time as I’ve been refused). They included board meetings that were over 10-years old and nothing past 2002. There was no record of board decisions, ongoing means, or any information that might make KMOJ seem like it’s board was trying to do the right thing.

Neither could I find copies of the following items:

  • FCC Authorizations
  • The Public and Broadcasting manual
  • Citizen agreements
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Donor lists for non-commercial educational channels
  • Lease/Rent Agreements
  • Financial Documents related to board
  • Deal between KMOJ-FM and the black Council (approval by board)
  • The board of directors for CCD/KMOJ-FM are responsible for these documents.

The station doesn’t even have the original documents of incorporation. The board that CCD/KMOJ seems to have, invisible, yet vocal is liable for the station accepting $250.00 for political campaign ads from a candidate for senate running against Al Franken. The candidate called the Independent Business News Network and leaked the fact that an employee in KMOJ’s sales force did get a Western Union wire of $250.00. The money was for ads on KMOJ, which by the way is illegal, pursuant to FCC rules and regulations on political advertising.

The challenge with KMOJ goes back when the developer started work on this new building. Nobody on the board knew anything about construction and KMOJ was supposed to show black Minnesotans what ownership looked like. Today they pay their rent to someone else versus owning the building.

The board that fired Calvin was/is illegal. The CCD/KMOJ board needs 13 (per bylaws) board members and a host of community navigators to make sure our culture is informed.

If KMOJ followed the plans, today they would be big as MPR with a television station and a newspaper. It’s too bad that some greedy board members continue to mess up the only broadcast outlet that might someday tell Black Minnesota the truth about the shape we are really in. Calvin must be reinstated immediately and an audit must be done.

Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen are in support of Mr. Quarles and what he broought to our community as the station manager at KMOJ.


#NeverTrump: The Extinction of the Republican Party as they want it

One of the many #NeverTrump websites posted the following: 54,303 people have signed their name to this pledge. We need to stand together and send a clear message that we reject Trump.” Are these the same group of people from the GOP establishment that have become accustomed to losing?

Don Allen, Publisher 

Please your ad here and reach thousands of local and global readers of Our Black News. Contact us at ibnnnews@icloud.com.

Please your ad here and reach thousands of local and global readers of Our Black News. Contact us at ibnnnews@icloud.com.

The inability to win support through persuasion is why #NeverTrump’s get so very frustrated and lash out. When people support the personality cult of Trump the #NeverTrump’s become abusive petty tyrants because of their low emotional intelligence and lack of behavioral choices when they don’t get their way; mind you, these folks are not Democrats, they’re the systemic reason why Republicans have a stigma attached to them to this day. Go ahead, before you ever heard of Trump running for president, say, “Republican.”

#NeverTrump supporters; no solutions besides Hillary Clinton.

#NeverTrump supporters; no solutions besides Hillary Clinton.

Donald J. Trump’s #NeverTrumpers and their supporters are deeply insecure and if any person does not agree with them, they are deeply threatened and have an emotional meltdown. They cut off their own nose to spite their face. Abuse us #NeverTrump voters all you wish; the feelings of adults are never hurt by childish insults. Some of America will never vote for the Democratic ticket and every act by a #NeverTrump supporter to attack me CONFIRMS that I am making the correct decision!

With that said, in 2016 it’s hard to find the real Conservatives (Republicans), so this is how we are going to do it:

  1. If you’re a self-proclaimed GOPer but also a part of the ‪#‎NeverTrump movement, you are not a Conservative, nor Republican; you’re a Undecided train wrecked liberal.
  2. If you’re a black Republican (man or woman) who is telling folks you ain’t voting for Trump, Negro get your mind right, you voted for Obama in the first place. Your excuse was, “its historical.” Plus, your “Black Light” went dead a long time ago.
  3. If you’re a Republican and you want to gain access to the black vote, hire American blacks who have a connection with the black community. If you don’t, you’re a liberal Democrat dressed in GOP clown face.
  4. If you’re a Republican and you have a Facebook page that promotes Mr. Trump with authority, then tell him to call me. If not, you’re a Democrat.
  5. If you’re a Republican and you work for the Star Tribune, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR 91.9), and you refuse to challenge them on their one-sided, bias and non-objectivity in reporting, please surrender your “R” for a “D”; you’re a Democrat.
  6. If you work for the MNGOP, or any local GOP around the United States and you plan on screwing the local candidates out of resources, you too are a member of the Democrats know it.
  7. If you’re a local candidate running for local office as a Republican I would check out another party immediately.
  8. If Hillary Clinton is looking better to you than the GOP endorsed candidate, first go get some glasses, then join the Democratic Party of America.

I’m cool with you being a #NeverTrump supporter, but what you don’t know is that I know you’re afraid of change because the party you excluded many from is about to become extinct. Welcome to the New World Order of the Republican Party of America, #NeverTrump, forever changed.

(Don Allen is the co-host of the Black Republican | Black Democrat Podcast coming this fall on iHeart Radio. Comments can be emailed to ibnnnews@icloud.com.) 

The Ron and Don Show hosts Town Hall Meeting with MN SD-59 Candidates plus more

On the radio with Ron and Don.

On the radio with Ron and Don.

We don’t hear much about the investigation on the killing of the two-year-old child in north Minneapolis; it seems the attention is focused on the police shooting of a black man. When we ignore what’s happening to our children, we ignore the importance of liberty, justice and freedom. Local community “hacktivist” have their priorities all mixed up…Ron and Don are here to put them back on track. Tune to in, click here or copy and paste this link in your favorite browser: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theronanddonshow/2016/08/04/the-ron-and-don-show-hosts-town-hall-meeting-with-mn-sd-59-candidates-plus-more

(Note: Senator Bobby Joe Champion has not answered request to appear – much like the work he does in the community.) 

By Antonio Biggenerisique, Syndicated  

Tune in on Wednesday, August 3 at 8:30 p.m. for the award-winning program The Ron and Don Show hosted by civil rights activist and historical Ronald A. Edwards and publisher and founder of the Independent Business News Networks Don Allen.

On Wednesday’s program the team bring you two of the three candidates running against incumbent Bobby Joe Champion for the senate seat in SD-59.

About Jennifer Carnahan

Jennifer Carnahan spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder at some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including General Mills, McDonald’s and Ecolab. Despite her success, Carnahan said, she needed more style in her life. Last year, the business executive left the security of her office job to pursue a dream of opening a clothing boutique in northeast Minneapolis. Primrose Park debuted in October, and while Carnahan, 38, has achieved her long-held goal, it hasn’t been easy. On days when the cash register hardly opens, she is reminded of her personal motto, displayed on the walls of the cozy store: “Dream Big. Be Happy” (Blanchette, Star Tribune, 2015).  (Read more about Jennifer here.)

About Patwin Lawrence

Lawrence, 39, is a native of South Carolina who has lived in the Twin Cities for over 13 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston in 1998. He was a co-founder and former director of TORCH Community, former Minneapolis Urban League board member, and he was appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton in 2011 to the Council on Black Minnesotans’ board of directors where he served three years of his four-year term as board chair. “The residents of Senate District 59 can no longer afford to have leadership at any level focused on bringing benefits to a few nor continued failure to take substantive action on viable solutions which would effectively reduce disparities plaguing the district and the state.” (Read more about Patwin Lawrence here.)

Both Carnahan and Lawrence are aware of the current deliberations to resolve disparities, there are some good solutions, but believes most are cosmetic. Lawrence states, “There is a systemic problem with our legislative operations. This is why certain segments of Minnesota sound like a broken record.” Carnahan replied, “Voters are tired of being asked to support incumbent’s election cycle after election cycle for nothing substantive in return. Issues are not being sufficiently addressed even though both the legislature and executive branches have been repeatedly advised on the matter.”

Both agree that solutions should be community driven, the community dictating to their public servants what the solutions should be, not dictated by the public servants and especially not from the “few” who expect to benefit monetarily.

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