Minnesota’s Black Leadership is ‘Willie Lynch’- ing state representative John Thompson

Don’t be distracted.

The Willie Lynch Syndrome: Mental slavery is a subliminal tactic used to keep Africans in America in psychological chains for generations. In 1712, Willie Lynch prophesied this method of control that would push an inferior mentality on the enslaved and eliminate the strength in numbers that unity provided Africans in America.

By Don Allen, Senior Editorial Opinion Columnist

It’s real easy for Minnesota political parties to misdirect BIPOC communities; it’s even easier to distract them with handshakes, special appearances, smiles, and false harmony. Minnesota state representative John Thompson has gotten himself into a little pickle with the state, but that does not mean that Black  Minnesotans should stop supporting him. At this point, I do not care about what you think personally about state representative Thompson, and I don’t care about your uninformed opinions, and it would be really nice if the president of the Urban League of the Twin Cities, and the other leaders of Saint Paul and Minneapolis branches of the NAACP along with the African American Leadership Forum would call a press conference on your behalf to include the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage to let him read his compelling statement to our community.

From the failure in the Twin Cities of Black leadership, Black Minnesotans are faced with several progress-stopping and extremely violent and important concerns:

  • Things are not getting any better;
  • The American Dream bypasses poor communities;
  • Blacks are being systematically “edited” by American culture;
  • Those Black Americans who have been assigned the mission of moving the Black agenda forward have become a voiceless and dysfunctional part of American society dependent on white guilt; and
  • Academic leadership, stuck hopelessly with no voice inside educational institutions across academia is the driver that will cause the silent death of Black America.

It is clear that the African American community is in bad shape and the national political leadership has sold out its Black constituents.

I hear a lot about unity and togetherness but I hear more about the money-hungry, backstabbing political hacks that don’t want to miss out on their perceived social clout. This would be a good test to see who doesn’t come out of the woodwork. Just saying, I’m all in. I hope you at least ask them, it’s their job to support the Black community. The clown panels have to stop. #trigger

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