Don Allen, Founder - OBN

Don Allen, Founder – OBN

Our Black News, (formally the Independent Business News Network) was established in July of 2008. The goal of OBN is to provide a different view of the local, national and global news and events that happen in the Black communities in the Twin Cities, as well as the United States. Our expectations are to provide a level of coverage and investigative reporting not seen in a long time. Our Black News covers Politics, Education, Money, Business, and Community events. In most cases, the mainstream media does not cover important news in the Black community. OBN is here to tear open the tent!

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  1. Peace. My name is Asukile Bandele but I prefer and go by Self Born Allah. I am a writer. I’m looking to get involved. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you

  2. Hi

    We’ve recently discovered The Ron and Don Show and believe you have created an amazing platform. We were inquiring if you would be open to having our founder Jay Colby on your show as a guest?

    Below we’ve provided a quick description of our organization and links to our social media and online publication.


    The Black Detour is a independent media outlet that advocates for Black people to not only be empowered, but informed on issues in the Black community. We’re part of a growing movement in America to empower Black people all across the United States. At our core we stand with Black people and want our voices, opinions and thoughts heard.



    We’d love to chat more if you’re interested, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    The Black Detour Team

  3. Hello, we recently found your website and online platform and wanted to share our press release. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Press Release; For Immediate Release

    Local entrepreneur launches new website to support Black Owned Businesses.

    Local woman decides it’s time to unify the 1000+ black owned businesses in the Twin Cities by creating an “Angie’s List” type of service for business owners and individuals hoping to support black businesses.

    On August 1, 2019, St. Paul native, DeSeandra “Seanie” Sheppheard “soft launched” her new website MNBlackList.com. The BlackList will serve as a platform for black owned businesses and consumers looking to support black owned entities. Their mission is to unify businesses and increase the amount of time dollars are circulated in the black community.
    The website quickly gained upwards of fifty black owned businesses in the Twin Cities within just three days of the announcement. With everything from law offices and construction companies, to meditation, health and beauty products, MN BlackList will host a plethora of businesses, services, and individual creators across the Cities, while offering consumers an up-to-date, organized, and easy to use platform to find the products, businesses and services they need.

    “The MN BlackList provides a platform for business owners and service providers to connect with potential customers, while offering the general public a user-friendly tool to motivate and support their goal of circulating dollars in black communities. Black Minnesotans have one of the largest wealth disparities in the Nation, tools like MN BlackList assist the community in sustaining business and increasing capital.” Noted Seanie Sheppheard, President and Founder of MN BlackList.
    The MN BlackList will set itself apart from other lists and sites by mixing “Angie’s List” with Social Media, High Resolution Graphics and Art work. The website will not only list businesses, products, and services, but have reviews, job boards, announcements, and more. With weekly updates, the website promises to provide up-to-date, accurate listings and reviews. Additionally, The BlackList may be used as a guide for new Black Residents and those that travel to Minnesota and are seeking intel on where to go for entertainment, food, and other services.

    “This will be a truly inclusive platform, a place where all Minnesotans can not only find black owned businesses but seek out vetted, highly reviewed services that provide the standard of quality consumers desire. Business owners will love the “Reviewed” feature, where a BlackList Staff reviews their products or services, and gives them our BlackList stamp of approval. This feature will give customers a peek inside how the product/service works, and, what interacting with the company is like.” Seanie Sheppheard added.

    The MN BlackList (www.MNBlackList.com) provides Black MN Business Owners and consumers a fresh new, platform for businesses and consumers to connect. Customers will enjoy an organized, free tool that will end the hours of searching on social media platforms, while businesses have a new method of reaching those who matter the most to them; potential customers.

    MN BlackList
    DeSeandra Sheppheard

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