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Wednesday July 26th 2017

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Donny Allen: Angry Black Guy on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130/FM 103.5

On Monday, Donny Allen makes a special apperance with host Mr. Andrew Lee and show producer Ms. Lump. (photo: Fair Use, Google search).

On Monday, Donny Allen makes a special appearance with host Mr. Andrew Lee and show producer Ms. Lump. We hear Jamar Nelson will be in too! (photo: Fair Use, Google search).

When an icon ascends to a higher conciseness of being, there is always another to icon to step in and continue important conversations the people need to hear.  Tune in on Monday, August 1 (6AM) to Twin Cities News Talk Radio’s “Up and At Em” AM 1130/FM 103.5 – (click here for live stream-iHeartRadio) as the “Angry Black Guy” Donny Allen joins Lump (Sam) and host, Mr. Andrew Lee for a program that be to say the least an euphony (the quality of being pleasing to the ear, especially through a harmonious combination of words) of dialog.

VIDEO: Message to the Minnesota GOP: GOP Funnies

By Elizabeth Montgomery and Darren Stevens – Bewitched Entertainment Editors, IBNN NEWS

“Dad, Husband, Veteran, Educator, Visionary and Social Reconstructionist – yes, that’s who I am,” said Donny Allen in an interview just before taping his second episode of “Justice by Any Means” for TV-ONE and the Discovery Channel due out Fall 2016.

The truth is Donny Allen is not angry; he loves his people (veterans and all people). He’s the type of person that looks at the world through a lens of “what if” possibilities; sometimes, he’s very vocal using his news network Our Black News, part of the mega-giant news agency, the Independent Business News Network (IBNN), founded by Allen in 2008.  Donny uses a loud bullhorn on social, racial, political and economic issues that get him labeled as a hothead as seen here in a message from state representative Rena Moran to a “friend” on Facebook:

State Representative Rena Moran wrote: “Thank you for reaching out to me and supporting me in my position as State Rep.  Don Allen is a hot head and has never supported me.  I don’t think he’s going to start now.”

The fact is Donny Allen is probably one of the smartest people we know. He is a social reconstructionist, which is a person that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society and worldwide democracy and as an educator (K-12 and adults), he focuses on curriculum that highlights social reform as the aim of education. “We need to start somewhere to literally address a society that will call wrong, right and right, wrong. There are very few men and women that will speak up about processes that have provided nothing but rhetoric to the lower one-third of the community and the mainstream; I’m always put in a box…I’ve grown comfortable yelling from it,” said Allen.

Donny worked in Corporate America for more than 15 years. He has been a critical political mover in roles as campaign manager, communications point-person, and damage control spin-doctor. Donny has written several nonprofits from competing the Articles of Incorporation to the IRS 1023’s (with programming narratives) for several nonprofits. In 2016 he presented a plan for a public-policy research think-tank to the Minnesota GOP Caucus. He’s written over 5000 stories for his news network every year since 2008. He’s also be published by several local and national publications (print/online). He started out his career in radio at WAYL/KMFY in Eagan, Minnesota in 1985 after being honorable discharged from the United States Army in 1981.

Currently, Donny is finishing his Master of Arts in Education MA-Ed at Hamline University is St. Paul, Minnesota. His capstone is about veterans and what makes a veteran-friendly campus.  Allen hopes to teach at a college level again like he did in the fall of 2015 and continue make education a better place for the millions of teachers, students and families who attend public and private schools in the United States.

MACV to Hold 2016 Metro StandDown August 2 – 3

StandDown 2016

StandDown 2016


  Media Contact: Nathaniel Saltz, Interim Executive Director, MACV

(651) 224-0290 Office

(612) 743-2891 Cell


Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) will be holding the 24th annual Metro Area Veterans’ StandDown August 2 – 3, at the Boy Scout Base Camp at Fort Snelling. Free, on-site assistance for homeless and underserved Veterans will include VA medical clinic, hot meals, clothing, VA benefit information, hygiene kits, legal assistance (including court, federal and state tax assistance), housing and employment assistance, mental health resources, DMV, haircuts, chaplaincy, public benefits information, and more. There will be a free shuttle to and from the Fort Snelling Light Rail Station. Shuttles will also be picking up Veterans from local shelters. Efforts to end Veteran homelessness in Minnesota remain a priority; the Federal government, Governor Dayton’s Administration, Mayor Hodges, and Mayor Coleman, along with more than eight Mayors from around the state, have committed to end Veteran homelessness.

The first Veterans StandDown event was held in San Diego during the summer of 1988. Since then, the popularity of the event has steadily grown. Today, StandDown events are held in nearly 100 locations nationwide each year. It is estimated that more than 100,000 homeless Veterans have received assistance at StandDown events. In 2015, the Minneapolis StandDown drew over 1,000 Veterans seeking services from the 70 agencies present at the event. Veterans attending have access to a wide range of resources. A team dedicated to creating housing plans for every homeless Veteran will be available to assist Veterans throughout the event. StandDown Court will also be held at the event. For more information visit www.mac-v.org.

WHO: MACV representatives, service providers, and Veterans.

WHEN: Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Wednesday, Aug. 3, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  *Welcome Ceremony will take place Aug. 2, at 11 a.m.

WHERE: Boy Scout Base Camp, 201 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, Minn. 55111


Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has been assisting veterans for over 26 years. Each year MACV receives more than 25,000 contacts, inquiries, and requests from veterans across the state. In 2015, MACV comprehensively served over 1,950 veterans and their families throughout Minnesota who were homeless or experiencing a crisis that could lead to homelessness – and the need for services continues to rise.The mission of MACV is to provide assistance throughout Minnesota to positively motivated veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crisis. It is estimated that 1% of the veterans in this state, or close to 4,100, will experience an episode of homelessness this year. MACV is there to assist. Many homeless and veterans’ organizations recognize MACV’s transitional and permanent housing programs as a model for the nation. We have a passion for serving those in Minnesota who first served us.

Permalink: http://mn.gov/mdva/news/pressroom/index.jsp?id=1066-249422

November 2016: Donald J. Trump is elected as President of the United States

The day after Election 2016: Celebrities, actors and actresses have packed up and made arrangements to move to Canada.

Update, July 1, 2017. It’s been over a year and the economy didn’t crash, everyone has affordable health care, the car, mining and technology industries have seen a 70 percent rise and more people, especially people of color are working in the United States than in any recorded year in the last 16-years. No, the earth didn’t collapse, we’re not at war with China and the Middle East are peaceful (except for what they’ve been doing for over 200-years. The important thing: Our soldiers are home and war money (billions) is now money for education, teachers and neighborhoods.

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

New York City…It’s Wednesday, November 9. The world is on edge today as It was announced at 12:01AM CST that based on the votes counted, it looks like Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. Of course the mainstream media declared Trump president based on skewed exit polls. It was also strange and wonderful that the American people who supported Bernie Sanders wrote his name in on their ballots, which now at 12:05AM lead the votes for Hillary Clinton by 1.2 million; in reality, Bernie beat Hillary in 2016, but both lost to the “Trump” machine of public relations and communications.

The mainstream media, especially the left-wing side: MSNBC, CNN, Fox News (Minnesota), ABC, NBC, CBS and the Huffington Post have all denied the vote counting procedure and are demanding a recount be done declaring the Hillary Clinton is the president and somehow Donald J. Trump paid people at the polls to vote for him.

Celebrities, actors and actresses have packed up and made arrangements to move to Canada. Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Justin Bieber and a host of other multimillion dollar high end stars are set to exit the United States of American to become Canadian citizens. Rosie O’Donnell’s passport was rejected due to a deal cut by the Canadian government and the television program “The View,” citing Rosie is too valuable to the program. Updates on Rosie have her confined to a local rehab center repeating, “how did he win?”

Oprah Winfrey has rushed to the side of Donald J. Trump as a supporter (like any fellow billionaire),  and convinced the Congressional Black Caucus to support Trump during his transition to president. The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. G.K. Butterfield (NC-01) releases and announcement saying, “We are happy that democracy still works in the United States. We look forward to talking to President Trump about our pending needs.” In short, the CBC has traditionally received large sums of cash, which they use to send their friends and relatives children to top colleges and universities bypassing the lower one-third of the black community. Fact Note: The Congressional Black Caucus has another scandal on its hands relating to the use of their charitable scholarships and nepotism.  After the exposure of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s awards to her grandchildren and other family members and her attempts to mislead people about her actions, the CBC promised to audit the program and the use their members make of it (Morrissey, 2010).

In the Hillary Clinton camp, candidate Clinton has fired DNC rejected campaign chairwoman Debbie Wasserman telling reporters at a press conference that Wasserman Schultz was a mole for the Trump campaign. As of 9AM today, Clinton has refused to concede to Trump and has asked her husband Bill to stay away from the campaign headquarters. It’s been reported that Bill Clinton was seen boarding an airplane to Panama with Marvel series movie star, model and hotness Scarlett Johansson. When asked for a comment, Johansson and Clinton declined any relationship and told reporters this was an “exploratory trip.”

Currently Donald J. Trump is preparing for a press conference, which he will name Monica Lewinsky his press secretary and put forward Ben Carson as the Surgeon General and Bernie Sanders as U. S. Secretary of Education. This includes an announcement to the American people that all undocumented people will have amnesty and will not be deported or jailed. The terms are that within six-months, all undocumented persons living in the U.S. must apply for identification and whatever they need to become a citizen; as always, “the wall” that Donald J. Trump talked about was always metaphorical. The people here will help American be great.

The black community was in shock when Donald J. Trump announced he would immediately look into reparations as he was concerned about a conversation with friend and supporter Dennis Rodman. Trump said, “The Blacks and Native Americans have been treated badly by a system run by the left and democrats who didn’t bother to take care of their local cities, districts and states. Look at Michigan (water); Minnesota (state agencies not hiring POC, wealth/education gaps) and Chicago (murders). That ends today.”

Trump also announced a team he is organizing from Veterans all over the United States. This team will not be connected in any way to the Veterans Administration and will be under the leadership of Allen West, who Trump is naming as head of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. West said of his appointment, “I am honored to serve the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms.”

In closing the 2016 presidential election was both wild and crazy. The election cycle and voters in the U.S. got to see up close and personal how shamefully corrupt both sides: Democrats and Republicans really are – from the hacked emails of the DNC staffers to put more than $800,000.00 into Cleveland, Ohio to have agent provocateurs to disrupt the RNC convention, to leaked emails to show that candidate Bernie Sanders was railroaded by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC, what’s wrong in America is a two-party structure that uses its voters like boxing gloves and spit-buckets.

Trump 2016?

Senate District 59 incumbent: Not the People’s Champion

Editor’s Note: We once again are right in the middle of an election year. Many incumbent candidates in the Twin Cities who represent a large portion of the minority-ethnic and mainstream communities have failed as law makers. Senator Bobby Joe Champion is one who needs to be replaced.

Bartholomew Gotleib – Political Correspondent, Our Black News (#OBNElection16)

Mr. Patwin Lawrence: A much needed change for an area of Minneapolis used for it's assets of poverty, wealth and murder.

Mr. Patwin Lawrence: A much needed change for an area of Minneapolis used for it’s assets of poverty, wealth and murder.

Minneapolis, Minn. – Sen. Champion has denied his constituency an opportunity to participate in the political process in the upcoming August 9th primary. Patwin Lawrence who is challenging Sen. Champion in the August primary requested several times this week to have a debate/candidate forum with the incumbent.

On Wednesday, SD59 Chair Jeff Strand, in an email communication with Mr. Lawrence, declined the idea of a debate/candidate forum. Lawrence gave Champion till 5pm on Friday, July 22 to make a decision whether he would support or deny his constituents the opportunity to have a debate/forum.
This type of behavior is not surprising, but typical of Sen. Champion. In May, Sen. Champion agreed to have a community meeting with North Minneapolis constituents questioning the $35 million appropriated to various non-profits in the recent legislative session. The meeting has not been scheduled.
An important piece of Lawrence’s platform is if he is elected to the state senate, he will have town hall meetings around the district before each legislative session to collate constituency ideas and craft a community driven legislative agenda to take to St. Paul. He would also regularly meet with constituency, especially at their request.
For more on Patwin Lawrence’s campaign platform/ideas, visit patwinlawrence.org/the_issues
About Patwin Lawrence:
Patwin Lawrence (DFL) - the best thing for the North Loop, North Minneapolis and Bryn Mawr (a neighborhood within the Calhoun-Isles community in Minneapolis. It is located directly west of downtown Minneapolis.)

Patwin Lawrence (DFL) – the best thing for the North Loop, North Minneapolis and Bryn Mawr (a neighborhood within the Calhoun-Isles community in Minneapolis. It is located directly west of downtown Minneapolis.)

Patwin Lawrence is the former three-timed elected board chair of the Minnesota State Council on Black Minnesotans.  In 2011, Patwin was appointed to the council by Gov. Mark Dayton.  At the beginning of his four-year term with COBM, Patwin was elected to the council’s executive committee and has served in the capacity of board secretary and has chaired the council’s Legacy Fund and Economic Development committees.

     Patwin is a co-founder and former Director of TORCH Community, a major Twin Cities young professional non-profit organization, founded in the Spring of 2009, which connects young professionals from the workforce into eighteen partner young professional communities around the themes of Career & Leadership, Social Responsibility, Diversity and the Arts. Before becoming TORCH Director in May 2011, Patwin served as partnership director and co-director building TORCH’s partnerships to eighteen young professional communities as well as four corporate partners.

     Patwin has also served on the Minneapolis Urban League’s Board of Directors as President of the Minneapolis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP). Under his leadership, MULYP hosted Politics with a Purpose: How the 2010 gubernatorial election affects communities of color, a unique political forum, where community leaders, political candidates and young professionals came together to network and learn from a panel composed of legislators, judges, educators, and media personalities on how the average citizen can impact the political process.

Patwin has been a guest panelist on Conversations with Al McFarlane and American Media and Ken Stone’s Redesigning Minnesota series as well as the Minnesota Non-Profit Conference and served here years as a session facilitator for the Minnesota Rising UnConference. In Feb 2014, Patwin was honored by the Minnesota Timberwolves for Black History month.

Living in the Twin Cities since the fall of 2001, Patwin has worked for Target, Wells Fargo, Capella working in a project management capacity. While at Capella University in 2004, Patwin worked with team members to formulate a strategic to raise learner retention and at Target in 2007, he was awarded an Ambassador of Excellence award.

A native of Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, Patwin has always had a love for history and historic preservation. Patwin Lawrence holds a B.A. degree in History from the College of Charleston where he was the recipient of the Charleston Cultural and Scientific fund grant for his genealogical and historical research into the history of Charleston’s antebellum free African-American community. Patwin has been an amateur genealogist for over twenty years, tracing his family back to the early 1720’s. For leisure, Patwin enjoys reading, going to events, dancing, and having good times over food and drinks with friends.

Minnesota Panties: Fixing the Negro Problem

A penny for you black Minnesotans...(photo: Fair Use).

A penny for you black Minnesotans…(photo: Fair Use).

If your large panties are in a bunch it’s an uncomfortable feeling; tight, restrained, pulled. Black Minnesotans are thrusted three-shades to the wind when asking for a pullup versus a handout. The powers that be have racialized the police and prefer handouts; that’s the way they keep the sheep voting for empty promises.

By Don Allen – Publisher – Our Black News

There are three sides to every story; each story has a unique plot-twist that persuades listeners, watchers or readers to believe in it. Unfortunately, a story, fiction or non-fiction can be told from a perspective of deception that only the storyteller may have insights to why it is important for the public sphere to believe this version. Black Minnesotans have been made many promises to end generational disparities, but it seems the Negro problem is getting worse than ever. If there is such a thing as fixing an issue of culture, race, class and equity, then now is the time. How do we get to the point of cordial and diplomatic solutions before we implode?

Before I get into this, I will be the first to extend the olive branch by saying if I offended you, or anyone you know personally, politically or professionally…I apologize (but they probably deserved it).

Black Youth and Guns

This has become a critical epidemic in the Twin Cities, more specifically north Minneapolis. On a daily basis there are reports of residents hearing shots-fired at all times of the day. In some cases, other black people are shot and killed – including babies. These heinous events should have never happened with the county working hard inside the community. The African American Men’s Project –  now a useless waste as a referral agency should be shut down and resources moved to agencies like Education Explosion and Superior Training Facility for solid 16-21 youth engagement. The city, county and state must also increase its financial resources to Summit Academy OIC and provide dormitory-style housing close to the trade-school for up to 600 students. This alone would decrease crime in north Minneapolis.

If the county and city are really interested to get weapons off the streets, they need to provide several career-track compensated work therapy programs. There is Hennepin County Medical Center; University Fairview and several private sector employers that can take on 50-100 men and women 18-21 who were engaged in a pre-job program teaching the fundamentals of having employment and the responsibilities of a job. Food services, housekeeping and grounds keeping could be possible positions to consider until places like the Minneapolis Urban League can start an entry-level clerical training program (if Summit Academy OIC doesn’t beat them to it).

Those who promote racism and tensions

Milquetoast racist: a person who is timid or submissive but promotes racist ideology surreptitiously. Caucasians in Minnesota that promote the idea that somehow black Americans should have a lower standard of adherence to the rule of law are condescending racists. Their ACTIONS reflect a belief that Blacks are inferior and incapable of adhering to common social standards–and they are standing up for the inferior blacks. This is why white liberals cater to the delusions of persecution and perpetual demands for money they did not earn! The flip side of that is why won’t the state hire great black Minnesotans – especially veterans of color.

Minnesota governor Dayton came out and assassinated the character of two police officers without any evidence. He publically convicted them of a human rights violation without trial or due process.

Dayton put the lives of officers at risk.  Furthermore, his White Guilt and the black people who work on Dayton’s plantation told him their stories about race and interactions with police. He then proceeded to jump in front of a microphone in the public sphere and spew generalizations, political rhetoric and put all law enforcement in a racial box.

How sad Minnesota has a governor that does not have any relationship with culture, race, class or community. Governor Mark Dayton’s celebratory Negroes have no connections with Minnesota’s black community. Until Dayton realizes he’s been hacked, the downward spiral of inner circle fables will continue to cripple Minnesota.

The problem has never been the police, it’s the mayors, governors and political leaders that give the orders.



Minnesota Lynx: Did a Black-Owned company print those murder victim T-Shirts worn at the press conference?

This is not a race-baiting question. This is asking to prove the Minnesota Lynx’s at all levels walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. I think will already know the answers. Where does the team do business in the black community (excluding the nonprofit game)? Please hang tight with me; I have an opinion. It is my opinion –  that the black men in Minnesota and down south were murdered – but that’s not my point and being pro-police, please don’t judge me on my personal statement. This is what I’m getting to…now, we have organizations including news agencies, sports teams, celebrities and large corporations using images, names and connections to the two “killings” (you see, I changed the wording to a different meaning) to assist in spinning their brand-cycle further out into the mainstream (as if they give a damn). The funny thing is, let’s start at home. Did the Minnesota Lynx feel so bad for the black community they hired a black vendor to print the t-shirts worn at a recent press conference?

By Don Allen – Publisher, Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. – Asking a rhetorical question in Minnesota has become a challenging but also a fun and insightful game. First of all, we know the WNBA has licenses, rights, brand commitments and vendor contracts that do not necessarily meet the Minnesota Department of Human Rights fantasy inclusion number of 32 percent; that’s just how it works in the big league. The Minnesota Lynx’s, like Hillary Clinton are money makers and above any petty rules and laws for the common folk.

The press conference held by a select group of Minnesota Lynx players is problematic to say the least. First of all, in a society that needs to heal police-community relationships, you do not enter the room blasting the police, especially your local cops. Remember, if you get beat, robbed, mugged or insulted, as Minnesota Lynx players (and I’m sure the police will give you special treatment) you will be treated great (not only for being the only professional winning team in the state)…well maybe not anymore.

My main question in all this “show biz” behind the unfortunate and tragic deaths of two black men is, where were the t-shirts worn by members of the team’s organization designed, printed or made by black people?  Yes, there were black people’s names on the shirt – but they’re dead; no economic development after death.

At some point, folks in Minnesota who run these drippy-liberal run institutions that cater to race-baiting need to look for example and see how many black, Native Americans, or Asians are working in the marketing department, front office and make critical decisions (this excludes the people who clean up the office; we already know they exist).

But I’m very interested to know where the t-shirts come from; who printed them up and did the team use a black business since they are promoting black justice. Remember, economic justice, is the best kind of justice – press conferences are promotional tools for the agency who called it.


Police want Confrontation With Black Gun Instructor

By Lucky Rosenbloom, Guest Columnist – Our Black News
Mr. Lucky Rosenbloom (photo: TPT - Fair Use).

Mr. Lucky Rosenbloom (photo: TPT – Fair Use).

Saint Paul, Minn. –  On the night of the Black Lives Matter protests on July 9, and into the early morning hours of July 10, two Anoka County Sheriff Deputies were assigned to block traffic between Central and St. Anthony on Dale Street.  Two Deputies (names unknown) stood directly in front of my family business located at 369 Dale St. N (known as Tiger Jack’s Business) remaining the epicenter of the old Rondo neighborhood.

I (Lucky Rosenbloom) owner of the family business, stood in front of my store (attached to the store and fence are signs reading Guns Permit to Carry) for hours talking to the two assigned Deputies having very good conversation.  As people would drive by, some taunting these Deputies, however, the Deputies did not respond back in negative, but responded very positive to people walking by saying hello, mam,sir and told me how kind people have been to them while at my location.  I wish I know who, these Deputies were, because they deserve recognition for that kine of professionalism.

The Ugly Challenge Happens.

Talking to the two Deputies, about 5-7 law enforcement officers (dressed in full riot gear, with long armed weapons etc) passed us walking pass my store and positioned themselves on the bridge located at St. Anthony and Dale St.  After about 10 minutes these riot dressed officers came back down the hill, stopped in front of me, while one of them appeared to be talking to one of the Anoka Deputies.  After these riot gear dressed officers went back to their position on the bridge, one of the Anoka Deputies told me that those riot gear dressed officers asked them if they had asked me it I had a gun and permit to carry.  The Deputy told me he told those officers he had not asked me and saw no reason to do so, because it is obvious I did due to the fact I was at my business moving in and out of my opened door.

Due to the shooting of Mr. Castile, the actions of these riot dressed officer seems suspect being the I am a Black Man with a Gun.  I, as a black man, a black instructor was profiled by these officers.  There was already hostility during the highway shutdown between BLM, protesters and Police during this unneeded inquiry and it is without any doubt, these riot gear dressed officers were looking for a confrontation.

On July 11, at 2pm. I will go to the Mayor’s Office (Mayor Coleman) of St. Paul, to make an official complaint to discover these officers identities and file a complaint with the State Department of Human Rights for this harassment.

Minnesota Murder: Black people are killed daily by “Like Enforcement”

It’s more powerful than a gang shooting; more violent that black-on-black crime. No police involved shooting can match the power of opportunity violence in Minnesota Nice and the obstructions and denial of economic, educational and life success.

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

Killing a dream is a slow death – it takes many shapes and sizes and must be calculated by those who hold the power to do such. On Friday, July 8, 2016 in the early afternoon hours two babies where shot. Minneapolis police are investigating a shooting involving two toddlers, one of whom has died. A 15-month old was expected to live (Star Tribune, 2016). On July 6, Mr. Castile, a 32-year-old school cook from St. Paul, was killed by a St. Anthony police office during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights Wednesday night. His final minutes were live-streamed by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who was a passenger in the car (with a child in the car) (Star Tribune, 2016).

While physical death is horrifying be it at the hands of police or black-on-black crime. At this point it’s hard to determine what could be worse – living knowing there are systems, people and political processes that do not want black people to be successful, or taking a bullet? I say both kill us and both must stop.

Opportunity Violence (OV), is a term used to describe a situation where a group of people, class or culture (in this case black men and women) are cast into the assumption complex, which is a predetermined set of parameters that lock away any chances for that group to achieve equity, justice or economic freedom. Examples of this can be seen in both the city of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the state of Minnesota, private sector businesses and many disciplines in human resources that will hire a Chinese or Hispanic person just to avoid that black man or woman; the murders continue.

Real-time examples of OV: A black man applies for a position with the state to work on a board on behalf of the community; the board is mostly white career board members who do not want black-thought anywhere near the current process because reform and equity might be on the agenda.  A black woman is interviewed by a white male. It’s not her resume he’s looking at, but an opportunity to exercise is white-privilege and power over this black woman hoping that a sexual favor-for-favor is agreed upon. If that black woman is hired, she then becomes invisible “property” of this white-male who now has the power to pay her, or reject her, ergo, no job, no money.

From a political standpoint, Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges; Minnesota governor Mark Dayton and their continued mishandling of black people in Minnesota is substandard, inferior, unsatisfactory, inadequate, and deficient. Hodges campaigned using the slogan “equity.” After she was elected, there were a few town hall meetings, but mostly for show – there can be no equity in the city of Minneapolis with a broken civil rights department.

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton doesn’t get it. He is so far out of touch with the core of the black community that he single-handedly has promised, un-promised, and promised again an end to the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MNDOT) generational fails in contract equity with black contractors that OV has become second nature by the agency. This can also be seen in the Metropolitan Council, the MN Department of Human Rights and the current elected lack of action and oversight be three state elected officials who ride the coattails of Dayton and his inept administration.

Opportunity Violence has murdered more black Minnesotans than any bullet from a police officer’s gun.  OV has been the cause of black-on-black crime and the main reason why black Minnesotans have been locked in a generational-hybrid of exclusion by skin color. This is not racist, this is reality!

Black Minnesota Men: It’s obvious, our Punk Black Leadership cannot protect us against police

Tonight another black man was killed in Falcon Heights by a police officer that does not need to be in law enforcement. The revolution starts NOW!

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minn. – Tonight at approximately 10:45 I was tagged via Facebook with a live video feed of a black man, who allegedly had a permit to carry and was stopped by the police for a broken headlight, then killed; shot four-times by a trigger-happy law enforcement racist. This could have been anyone of my friends, me or some I work with. The time to address this is now and we cannot depend on Minnesota’s black leadership, nonprofit agencies, nor the sellouts who currently are requesting money from Minneapolis and St. Paul police department to address youth violence.

We (Black Men), are at war with those who create and determine identity; a group of white males, the media and elected officials who have decided that “if” a black man does not look, act or talk like what they think, he is a threat to society.   Historically, the Twin Cities has seen multiple killings of unarmed black men executed by police. In 2010, David Cornelius Smith, an avid basketball fan and member of the downtown Minneapolis YMCA, was executed by stun gun on the sixth floor of the YMCA by Minneapolis police. The video is too gruesome to watch. Jamar Clark and the critical tampering of witnesses that set two Minneapolis police officers free of indictment. This is just a couple of example. Many murders by law enforcement happen to many unarmed black men in Minnesota.

So what’s the black leadership going to do? Well you have good black leadership who will be at the crime scene tonight and tomorrow looking for answers, then you have the black leadership that will be in the mayor’s office attempting to get a grant. The problem with that is not even the black president Barack Obama will deliver an executive order against police killing black men. 


In some Minnesota classroom settings, students read texts that describe the black body as “savage, angry, ignorant and dangerous,” with a vernacular far south of the assumed proper version of the King’s English. The historical description of justice for the black American, applied as “unofficial justice,” dates back further than Jim Crow. It continues to promote stereotypes that coexist in the denial of basic civil rights within America’s social, economic and educational constructs for black and brown Americans. With that said, the continual definitions of “true identities” and the mainstream media’s “creation of untrue identities” have birthed an ongoing social stratification characterized by historical devices that lend themselves to indicate the poor, and people of color will never have positive encounters or outcomes with law enforcement, the media or each other.

America’s law enforcement has always been the legal arm of the American sanitation of black and brown bodies. What takes place in Minnesota, and what continues to be the juggernaut of American normalcy past, present and future is the targeted and designed arresting, imprisoning or killing of black men by some type of law enforcement, be it the police, or a lynch mob. In the broad sense, these killings send a disturbing message on many fronts: 1. Self-destructive behaviors are not always black and white; and 2. The same reasons some white police kill black men is the same reason black men kill black men; they see no future or value in the black body.

To understand the meaning of the civil war that will begin in Minnesota, we must be clear on how flat characters fit into a thick plot charged with white privilege, race-baiting, and racism.  We must begin by defining the meaning of normalcy in a manipulated society within a dominant-white patriarchal construct that cannot rescue nor redirect itself from historical assumptions of the black body. For example, saying a black male is “angry” has a far different meaning from saying a non-black student is “angry.” If a black person can identify a flaw-in-process to find a better way to complete a task, he’s trying to pull a fast one. If a non-black man sees the same flaw and works in an attempt to fix it, the response is: This guy is great! We should get him a job in the boss’s office. In the one case, a single consciousness rewards privilege. In the other case, the student is damned by double consciousness in which he becomes the normative historical target of assumptions.

The revolution starts today, without the usual suspects!


Community Action Programs (CAP) board of directors must be indicted

Fat wallet; big paycheck - board members didn't say a word. (photo-fair use)

Fat wallet; big paycheck – board members didn’t say a word. (photo-fair use)

How many more times will the black community find out one of its self-appointed DFL placeholders have fucked us?

He looked at me like I was supposed to give him some pussy for keeping my utilities on.” ~Anonymous Female

By Don Allen – Publisher, Our Black News

Star Tribune veteran reporter Jon Tevlin is right, “Numerous board members from both the public and private sector were either oblivious to rampant misspending or tacitly complicit.”

In his story, “Tevlin: Nonprofit’s demise didn’t happen in a vacuum,” tells of the deceit and corruption by the board towards the community. Those of us in the black community who have followed select self-appointed leaders and the money trail know the Davis’ are not the only ones out there who need to be shook down for ill-advised spending and a board that looks the other way.

Many community members know of Davis and his tenure with the Minneapolis NAACP, where not surprisingly monies were shuffled around like hookers at military base. Many of us know that those who tried to sound the alarm on many nonprofit leadership misdealings were threatened, marginalized or publicly ousted as agents who work for the FBI and CIA to disrupt the black community in the Twin Cities. This marginalization became worse if the leader of an agency was a black woman; then you were accused of being an Uncle Tom and bashing your own black people.

Today, I attest that Bill Davis and CAP is just the tip of the iceberg. My compelling evidence would be to look at the over 200 nonprofits in north Minneapolis alone and ask with so many agencies, why does the community outside a few developments look nor feel no different than in 2008? What really happened to the Empowerment Zone money; who was empowered? Certainly not the community of 60,000 plus who consistently sit through nights of gunfire, youth violence and murders, which are mostly relationship based black-on-black crime.

Mr. Tevlin’s story is great, but he cannot say what I can. There are many unanswered questions about the board and Bill Davis that I personally need answers to:

  1. Why were the Davis’ able to operate under the radar for so long?
  2. What was the involvement of the board? Did they function or were they a stratified social cabal
  3. Don’t you think board members are complicit and should be charged accordingly?
  4. What members of the DFL knew about Davis dealings? (He was an important placeholder in the MN DFL.)
  5. Why didn’t legislative auditor James Noble raise red flags earlier?
  6. Where are the other political bodies buried?
  7. How did senator Jeff Hayden get to lie under oath with no penalties?
  8. When is a full-scale investigation going to be launched?

The CAP board, fully responsible, sat by and let Bill Davis, his son and many more unmentioned people and agencies eat out of the pot meant for keeping utilities running for poor and unfortunate residents of Minneapolis. It’s time we start getting some answers from the stratified Negroes and white folks who sit on these board in poor communities. While the mission is to assist those who need it; their personal mission seems to be no more than social club, sorority or fraternity that caters to the black bougie.

The board members from CAP must be investigate, indicted, fined and jailed, if necessary.



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