In 2020, can Michelle Obama do what Hillary Clinton could not?

Ms. Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States from 2008-2016. A lesson in elegance. (photo: StoryPick - "15 Quotes By Michelle Obama That’ll Make Us Miss Her As The First Lady Of The USA.")

…they said Trump couldn’t win…

by Don Allen, Publisher 

Michelle Obama, possible 2020 presidential candidate? Time will tell.

For the record, I’m a Republican; but not an establishment republican – you know the type, especially when you’re a person of color. In this case, I am a reader of the public sphere, or visionary of what the future holds in political rhetoric. On July 25, 2016, I wrote the story, “November 2016: Donald J. Trump is elected as President of the United States,” in a futuristic look at what happened on the day president-elect Trump won:

“New York City…It’s Wednesday, November 9. The world is on edge today as It was announced at 12:01AM CST that based on the votes counted, it looks like Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. Of course the mainstream media declared Trump president based on skewed exit polls that never had poll-personnel in the hood. It was also strange and wonderful that the American people who supported Bernie Sanders wrote his name in on their ballots, which now at 12:05AM lead the votes for Hillary Clinton by 1.2 million; in reality, Bernie beat Hillary in 2016, but both lost to the “Trump” machine of public relations and communications.” (Written July 25, 2016, Our Black News)

Yes, indeed, Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America and not one D-rated actor, musician or elite democrat moved out of the country. It seems that for the most part, Mr. Trump did “Grab the p**y,” over 50 percent of white women voted for him…he grabbed something. If one sat back and looked at the larger picture, they would see that mainstream media outlet (including Fox) were sure that Hillary Clinton would dust off Trump squarely in the 2016 elections. Online polls were wrong; pundits (who should be fired) were wrong, and the relaxing ease of a Hillary Clinton win over Donald J. Trump was saturated in the mainstream media market of checks and balances…but no one looked deeper into the underlying belly of the best to see the surreptitious bubbling of popular culture that disallowed an establishment, republican or democrat to control what felt good to them as voters in the United States…it was Trump all along. Society created Donald J. Trump the billionaire business mogul who only had to turn in the direction of the 2016 presidential campaign to win it, all others were absolutely void of this very important point.  Supporters of the democratic contender used every tactic possible to shame people in the United States from supporting Trump including one of my personal favorites: “If you support rape, misogamy, racism and hate, you support Donald J. Trump.” The challenge with this argument about what someone supports comes first from the people who believed in what they said and wrote; and secondly from the folks who let Ethos (emotions), overrides sound logic. In simple clarity, you cannot say or think what I support if you do not know me, my life, ambitions, successes or failures. The assumption that I support what you think I support because of a choice that I make is only for you to own; not me – the logic is fleeting in any argument in this regard.

To make matters difficult, many political strategist and television news rating hounds who left looking at things objectively started turning towards the black community citing black Americans did not come out and support or vote for secretary Clinton. This might have been true, but then again this is the mainstream media, pundit’s, and elite democrats fault for broadcasting messages that Hillary Clinton was in the lead during the last six-months before the November 8 election. Hillary Clinton never at one moment during the 2016 presidential election cycle ever had it, “in the bag” as it pertains to running against Donald J. Trump and the mainstream media…society woke up, ergo, Donald J. Trump is president of the United States.

The question now: What will happen in 2020? Again, being a visionary and always voting for winners, I see a huge challenge for the Republican Party of America if now first lady Michelle Obama decides to toss her preverbal hat into the ring in 2020. There is a distinct ring of success for 2020 run at the White House for Ms. Obama and whoever she decides to pick as a running mate. Currently things are not looking good for the democrats with the very public beatings of Trump supporters, some who are physically and mentally disabled.  Something to note, if Michelle Obama decides to run in 2020, the gloves will be off, as they were with her husband. If some of you get so offended you don’t know what to do, remember this; In 1964, Justice William Brennan wrote, in the landmark defamation case New York Times v. Sullivan, that our Constitution demands that ‘debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.’

In closing, dear liberals and supporters of bad policies and empty promises, your time is over.

Please just walk away and stop sending messages to the less intelligent in our community that violence is the only option because Hillary Clinton did not win. It’s politics and sometime other people do the thinking for you…don’t ever let that happen again and be like me, don’t look at a party, look at the person…in 2016 the person I voted for was Donald J. Trump, not because he was a Republican, but a hell-raiser on the level I hope to ascend to very shortly. Vote to win, be a winner.

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