November 2016: Donald J. Trump is elected as President of the United States

The day after Election 2016: Celebrities, actors and actresses have packed up and made arrangements to move to Canada.

Update, July 1, 2017. It’s been over a year and the economy didn’t crash, everyone has affordable health care, the car, mining and technology industries have seen a 70 percent rise and more people, especially people of color are working in the United States than in any recorded year in the last 16-years. No, the earth didn’t collapse, we’re not at war with China and the Middle East are peaceful (except for what they’ve been doing for over 200-years. The important thing: Our soldiers are home and war money (billions) is now money for education, teachers and neighborhoods.

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

New York City…It’s Wednesday, November 9. The world is on edge today as It was announced at 12:01AM CST that based on the votes counted, it looks like Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. Of course the mainstream media declared Trump president based on skewed exit polls. It was also strange and wonderful that the American people who supported Bernie Sanders wrote his name in on their ballots, which now at 12:05AM lead the votes for Hillary Clinton by 1.2 million; in reality, Bernie beat Hillary in 2016, but both lost to the “Trump” machine of public relations and communications.

The mainstream media, especially the left-wing side: MSNBC, CNN, Fox News (Minnesota), ABC, NBC, CBS and the Huffington Post have all denied the vote counting procedure and are demanding a recount be done declaring the Hillary Clinton is the president and somehow Donald J. Trump paid people at the polls to vote for him.

Celebrities, actors and actresses have packed up and made arrangements to move to Canada. Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Justin Bieber and a host of other multimillion dollar high end stars are set to exit the United States of American to become Canadian citizens. Rosie O’Donnell’s passport was rejected due to a deal cut by the Canadian government and the television program “The View,” citing Rosie is too valuable to the program. Updates on Rosie have her confined to a local rehab center repeating, “how did he win?”

Oprah Winfrey has rushed to the side of Donald J. Trump as a supporter (like any fellow billionaire),  and convinced the Congressional Black Caucus to support Trump during his transition to president. The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. G.K. Butterfield (NC-01) releases and announcement saying, “We are happy that democracy still works in the United States. We look forward to talking to President Trump about our pending needs.” In short, the CBC has traditionally received large sums of cash, which they use to send their friends and relatives children to top colleges and universities bypassing the lower one-third of the black community. Fact Note: The Congressional Black Caucus has another scandal on its hands relating to the use of their charitable scholarships and nepotism.  After the exposure of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s awards to her grandchildren and other family members and her attempts to mislead people about her actions, the CBC promised to audit the program and the use their members make of it (Morrissey, 2010).

In the Hillary Clinton camp, candidate Clinton has fired DNC rejected campaign chairwoman Debbie Wasserman telling reporters at a press conference that Wasserman Schultz was a mole for the Trump campaign. As of 9AM today, Clinton has refused to concede to Trump and has asked her husband Bill to stay away from the campaign headquarters. It’s been reported that Bill Clinton was seen boarding an airplane to Panama with Marvel series movie star, model and hotness Scarlett Johansson. When asked for a comment, Johansson and Clinton declined any relationship and told reporters this was an “exploratory trip.”

Currently Donald J. Trump is preparing for a press conference, which he will name Monica Lewinsky his press secretary and put forward Ben Carson as the Surgeon General and Bernie Sanders as U. S. Secretary of Education. This includes an announcement to the American people that all undocumented people will have amnesty and will not be deported or jailed. The terms are that within six-months, all undocumented persons living in the U.S. must apply for identification and whatever they need to become a citizen; as always, “the wall” that Donald J. Trump talked about was always metaphorical. The people here will help American be great.

The black community was in shock when Donald J. Trump announced he would immediately look into reparations as he was concerned about a conversation with friend and supporter Dennis Rodman. Trump said, “The Blacks and Native Americans have been treated badly by a system run by the left and democrats who didn’t bother to take care of their local cities, districts and states. Look at Michigan (water); Minnesota (state agencies not hiring POC, wealth/education gaps) and Chicago (murders). That ends today.”

Trump also announced a team he is organizing from Veterans all over the United States. This team will not be connected in any way to the Veterans Administration and will be under the leadership of Allen West, who Trump is naming as head of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. West said of his appointment, “I am honored to serve the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms.”

In closing the 2016 presidential election was both wild and crazy. The election cycle and voters in the U.S. got to see up close and personal how shamefully corrupt both sides: Democrats and Republicans really are – from the hacked emails of the DNC staffers to put more than $800,000.00 into Cleveland, Ohio to have agent provocateurs to disrupt the RNC convention, to leaked emails to show that candidate Bernie Sanders was railroaded by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC, what’s wrong in America is a two-party structure that uses its voters like boxing gloves and spit-buckets.

Trump 2016?

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