The Fall of the Anti-Trump Charlatans

Martin Luther King, Jr - Seek peace and pursue it, you cannot be that stupid.

Hey Stupid, Donald Trump didn’t do it. If you are one of the many fake revolutionists who hit social media as if you’re a leader of a country that will stop Donald Trump, sit your fake ass down. You didn’t do anything for anyone during president Obama’s tenure, and you will continue to be ineffective…but this time, you have someone to blame it on; so you think…

By Don Allen, Publisher

Not one elected official nor community leader form Minnesota to Washington, DC who governs over a community where there are large numbers of Black people have any business being anti-Trump…as it stands now you are in trouble. If president-elect Donald J. Trump caused all these challenges after being elected, then what have you be doing for the last eight-years?

You cannot be anti-Trump when your constituents are homeless school children; you cannot be anti-Trump if unemployment in some of your senate districts are in double-digits for blacks and other POC. You cannot be anti-Trump if veterans are still homeless standing by freeway ramps with signs asking for money. You cannot be anti-Trump if for more than 10-years, you’ve let nonprofits suck up millions of dollars meant to serve the people but did little to nothing to change the sustainability of those people in the name of God and poor people. You cannot be anti-Trump if you listen to celebrities with the education of sugar-cane and somehow take them seriously when they tell you they will move if Donald Trump is elected…for the record, not one of those over-paid talking heads moved anywhere, except to a bigger house afforded to them by the many royalties begotten them for fooling you on the television. You cannot be anti-Trump if you are a one-sided, gullible-goon that takes every opportunity to race-bait inside of the lower one-third of the community causing chaos; you know the type, telling black school children that Trump would send them back to Africa – you’re a bastard for that. If you really take Rosie O’Donnell seriously, and you’re a black, not even Africa would let you enter.

In all reality, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying anything sideways about president-elect Donald J. Trump because all the windows in your glass house are now broken and we can see from The Root to CNN that your one-sided lie has obstructed information and your bias news has stumbled a nation into a revolutionary-falseness somehow blaming Donald Trump for things you have not completed during your watch in the last 10-years.

On tomorrow (1/16/17), we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s legacy; some will make a pretty piece of money selling “the Dream” to elite black folks who operate in social cabals free of the responsibility in addressing the needs of the lower one-third of the black community. But of course, the conversation about stopping Trump; what Trump said, or did is always great conversation fodder and always shows the hypocrisy of the black elites.

Before you ever criticize president-elect Donald Trump, think of what Martin said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”  In most cases, black elected officials and the black elite are “doing for themselves.”

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  1. Heather Johnson | January 16, 2017 at 3:27 pm | Reply

    This is kind of what I have been thinking about with the anti-Trump crowd – particularly white, straight America – the gatekeepers of opportunity. For decades there have been countless opportunities to support and stand up for minorities, the disenfranchised, the woman, the GLBTQ community in ways that seem to be lost on many. While the masses attack Trump, they seem to have forgotten that the workplace, Hollywood and academia is overrun by white, cisgender individuals. I’m not what I would consider a 3rd wave feminist, modern SJW advocate – I would say I am an any person advocate, any individual person. Even so, for those that focus on groups why haven’t YOU taken the initiative to widen your actual circle in the workplace, in school, in your group of friends? Why is Hollywood still predominantly a whites only place???? White, straights only place with a few token roles here and there… If this matters to so many of you, as you say it does – why aren’t you opening that gate of opportunity for others who are socially and economically less fortunate? Instead of railing against the system and donating those dollars to charities, why not open that gate of opportunity – something that keeps on giving???

    I can’t count how many times I’ve personally been shut out by preconceived notions – not facts, just assumptions about my race, gender, social/economic status, age etc. So many times good Christians, good liberals have had opportunity to directly have a positive impact on my life in work, education, and socially and didn’t stand up, didn’t take that opportunity to open that gate and I can’t help, but consider that this is perhaps true for many people who number among the many minority groups out there.

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