Minneapolis Safe: Mayor adds nothing to economic uplift

A penny for you black Minnesotans...(photo: Fair Use).

Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges won her seat because voters think she had something in common with local POC.

By Don Allen, Publisher

Minneapolis, Minn. –  No…more police will not make Minneapolis safe, neither will the ban on plastic bags in local corner stores. This mayor is missing the point; letting the same stores sell glass-crack and meth pipes with Brillo™ and not being concerned in the least about the communities where this happens shows that Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges, her advisors, staff and new hires have no connection with the reality of what should be the real Minneapolis.

Mayor Hodges disposition is one of a science fiction movie, say the “Minority Report,” where a “pre-crime” division heads out and arrests perpetrators before they actually commit a crime. It seems in Hodges limited cognitive realty (or more like a really terrible version of the Kardashian’s with Odom), that more police would make Minneapolis safer, when in fact just about any local police officer would tell you it’s a wet-dream with whipped cream if you think any mass number of police will make a place safer; it hasn’t happened in history and Hodges is not a history-maker.

The case for my missive is not broken down by race or color, but from the need for this mayor to take her last year in office and make a difference for the people of Minneapolis. With a budget of over $1 million…Oops, $1 billion (#Cano must go), it’s an opportune time for the mayor to look inside at city hall and make the necessary adjustments in civil rights, contract compliance and her fledgling equity department. There is no “equity” of any part of the city if it has double-digit unemployment, mass public assistance reliance and a sector of the community (doesn’t matter what race or color) systematically gentrified by one bad city choice, backroom deals and third-party arrangements.

Mayor Hodges cannot consult with “high-brows” and expect the work to be done for the “little people.” This is especially tough in the communities of color where one would think Hodges would make a difference, but has stuck to the Obama Clinical Citation (OCC) of, “I’m everyone’s, whatever.” In and case, Hodges will be remembered as nothing more than a placeholder mayor for a political party and how sad is that?

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