If Proficiency is the Goal, Low Expectation cannot be the Rule: USA Values Delivers A New Deal for Urban Mom

In the land of 10,000 lakes we need a new deal for Urban Mom.

We have read about the Minneapolis Public School system and their failure in education of the most at-risk learners. It’s time for a new deal for Urban Mom.

by Don Allen, Publisher – OBN

Actually it should be "Receivership, Reconstruction, and Rollout."

Actually it should be “Receivership, Reconstruction, and Rollout.”

Minneapolis, Minn. – (Education)…USA VALUES, LLC has delivered a draft plan, “A New Deal for Urban Mom: First-Things-First,” to the Minnesota governor, the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education and superintendents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Public Schools. In this material is the crux of a concept that the minorities and the poor using supports for pre-K within the state do not need more laws to direct the state and school districts to not put their children in the gap before or after kindergarten. The plan is laid out, but how do we get state officials to comply with laws already on the books for education?

USA VALUES, LLC founder Tom Wolfgram said, “We want to help superintendents and minority leaders see that the dependent event systems stack early real requirements on parents and mentors concerned with the at-risk child’s success. The model has real first-things-first required in the sense of a generic process of cascading the results of dependent events to the final event of graduation ready to succeed.”

Wolfgram goes on to say; “There is a logical physics and mathematical property to be seen that limits throughput to what was previously throughput and no more but possibly even less. Once this impact on throughput is seen, the concepts of first-things-first right the first time for highest quality and lowest cost becomes the direct substantive content to the goal, objective and out-of-box solution. It is out of the box innovative attention during the years of age 0-6 to a required result that will increase the Positive Expectation of graduation from high school, at the early age of six. We call this the ‘PVofPE-Prek’- duplicating the children not at risk to drop out.”

The issue for the minority community is setting low defined expectations in urban pre-k support settings, then meeting the state standards, that do not hold water in all out competition. There is not a second chance on what is learned in the sensitive period to learn language during the ages of 0-6; and, if Pre-k is seen as a solution to the education gap for our most at risk needs more rigor than the present and future standards.

Then the issue also goes to the vetting of the new or old standards in the local higher risk communities according to the law. In order to make successful change minority leaders need to define how to cause the change, not make the change. A minority community that does not understand the requirements or is overwhelmed by them will not help cause the change.

What we know: Being really ready to read before kindergarten is what is being increasingly sold to parents in the private sector preschools. Leaders have no choice but to deal with reading proficiency before the age of six and never let the child become not proficient. That means three things must become first-things-first in each community that has third grade low-proficiency percentages.

The pacing plan has been written for those communities. The unique plans crafted locally would automatically be a way forward that includes the direct influence of mom and culture:

  1. Influence on mother to help the child create him or herself as an individual with positive expectations for self and community
  2. Delivery of Early Reading and Counting Skills along with an understanding of positive expectations in connection with the change in influence (ERSD-RA)
  3. Importance and justice of NewOldMoney existing from the private sector as a gift to be able to deliver the most direct skills and the first influence to individual growth of child and mother.

To read more about education and First-Things-First, visit USA Values, LLC at www.usavalues-character.com – or call us at 1-651-735-3018.

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