Please take the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage Survey

Posted – OBN Public Service Announcement

If you have not completed our community concerns survey, please go to the below link (or copy and paste in your browser) to complete it. Also take a moment to send it around to your contacts. We need more participants and have toclose the survey on Friday October 9, 2015 to complete our report.  We will post a copy of the final report on our web site (  by the end of October.

The Council on Black Minnesotans, which recently changed its name to the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage,(Heritage means something that comes or belong to one by reason of birth) strives to improve the quality of representation for our constituents and for the State of Minnesota. Your opinion is very valuable to the Council, and your responses guide our work and is truly appreciated. Your responses are completely anonymous, and will not be shared with any person or entity.


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