Why local media did not report about stabbing victim in downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis’ Warehouse District; once a place of fun and excitement, now a place to watch who you pass on the streets. (photo: Meet Minneapolis – Fair Use, Google Search).

If it bleeds, it leads; not in the case of a 24-year old black American female that almost lost her life in downtown Minneapolis. Remember, the Super Bowl is coming and we don’t talk anything but “Minnesota Nice” in the ugly eye of oversights.

By Don Allen, Publisher – IBNN NEWS

24-year old Myra Reed is laying in a hospital bed at HCMC with eight staples in her heart from a knife attack that went in her stomach, up through her liver and pierced her heart. Her aunt, Angela Edwards tells the story about what happened from Reed who now is coming out of a fog from this violent encounter.

“Myra was in a shelter in downtown Minneapolis and might have got into an argument with some other women. As she was being attacked, laying on the ground, someone passed  the young woman fighting Myra a butcher knife and that’s all my nice remembers,” said Edwards.

Downtown Minneapolis’ Warehouse Distirct has become a area of great concern and rising crime. While the city of Minneapolis wants to play-down the violent after club crime in the streets, others, including this author are troubled by the once “fun area” of Minneapolis on some nights turning into a gang-land shooting and stabbing range.

In June of 2017, the City Pages published, “17 years of watching downtown Minneapolis go from vibrant to shaky to frightful,” by Carter Averbeck who wrote:

“One would think I live in a war zone, and that notion wouldn’t be wrong. The police now have become reactive instead of proactive. Political restrictions placed on them by a higher level of city government render their abilities almost futile, since a crime has to happen before they can act.And city council? When I send them the footage, I am lucky if I even get a response back. In the case that I do, it’s usually some slick rhetoric that does nothing to solve the issue, while real time crime continues to escalate.

Myra Reed might have not been the most perfect Minnesotan, but she lived the best way she could. Living in shelters, trying to get your life back together is not an easy task; but when someone has reached an animalistic level of terror and attacks with intent to kill, there is something very wrong in a system that overlooks the “least of thee” in what should have been headline news at 6pm and at least a mention in the local newspapers. Reed was stabbed on Tuesday, August 9 with no media coverage.

Sources tell IBNN, the City of Minneapolis is not willing to give up on downtown Minneapolis with alleged plans to ship “shelter people” far away from the city during the Super Bowl events, making it seem like Minneapolis is some type of Urban Shangri-La.

What has happened to Ms. Reed has happened to many more in downtown Minneapolis; most incidents of this nature go unreported because of the demographic of this population: Poor, of color, veterans, families, children and all homeless – a combination best left alone, not talked about and most of all hidden from the people and millions of dollars the city will make during one of the largest sporting events in the world.

In a mayoral election year, I’m sure no one is concerned about Ms. Reed; and certainly, the mainstream media is in collaboration with the city to make sure “bad” stays “silent.”

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