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Wednesday July 8th 2020

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Mpls mayoral candidate Jacob Frey on Black Republican, Black Democrat – Saturday!

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jacob Frey with Allen and Nelson – Saturday at 6pm – #TCNT.

Minneapolis, Minn. –  Don Allen and Jamar Nelson are pleased to announce their very special guest Minneapolis city councilman and 2017 mayoral candidate Jacob Frey on the return of the Black Jedi Talk Radio Network on the “Black Republican, Black Democrat Show. The political talk show will feature resident conservative Black-American Donald Allen; and supporter of everything Democrat and all around nice liberal Jamar Nelson. The duo co-hosts the Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130, FM 103.5 show Black Republican, Black Democrat Show on Saturday’s at 6pm CST with Roving Reporter Preya Samsudar from Alpha News. Audiences may  listen online using the #iHeart Radio app (search for Twin Cities News Talk).

Saturday at 6pm on AM 1130/FM 103.5 – Twin Cities News Talk.

The Black Republican, Black Democrat Show features in-depth conversations about education, community accountability, current events, election news and of course…politics. #BRBD is now available on iTunes.

Join us as we talk to candidate Frey about the City of Minneapolis and what he will different if elected in November 2017.


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