Exclusive: The media, MN governor, education commissioner owe former school board member apology

Grant Nichols: Torn from his seat on the Columbia Heights School Board by the left-leaning media, governor and education commissioner - over a lie.

Rather than focusing on Grant Nichols, we (concerned citizens of Columbia Heights) should ask: Is the person who the Mayor is giving the city of peace award is allegedly linked to terrorists?

By Don Allen – Investigative Reporter

Columbia Heights, Minn. – The City Pages wrote: Is Grant Nichols too big a moron for the Columbia Heights school board; the politically-bias public radio giant MPR aired: Columbia Heights school board member to quit over Muslim comments; and the good ole Star Tribune published: Columbia Heights school board member will quit over anti-Muslim comments.

Grant Nichols had his 15-minutes of fame when comments about the alleged hygiene of Somali immigrants were surreptitiously posted to his Facebook account by someone that had picked up his cellphone while he was elsewhere.  Of course the mainstream rags and the lazy Twin Cities reporting corps were all over this; a white guy from Columbia Heights; A Republican from Minnesota; and a member of the CH school board talking about a segment of the population that is growing in the small city just north of Minneapolis. The unfortunate thing for Nichols is that he was a member of the board voted in and trusted by the residents of CH…and that was too much – even for some of his right-leaning lackadaisical colleagues on the school board.

After the comments, not posted by Nichols went viral, the CH school board organized a “student-led” school walkout. Some attest the walkout was not student-led but politically driven by the CH administration pending governor Mark Dayton’s September 18 visit with Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius to publically condemn Nichols and shame him into resigning.  (Read: Dayton praises the Columbia Heights walkout, calls on board member to resign)

The problem with the governor and the commissioner’s contempt of Nichols prior to investigation is that both officials believed what they heard on the radio, read in the newspaper and saw on television. Of course Dayton and the commission never inquired about the failure of Columbia Heights School board to provide policy that would make sure more than functional illiterates graduated and not one left-leaning news agency bothered to look into the cities faulty processes of commerce, awards and equity – something that will change when a new mayor and city council is elected in November.  Of course by now everyone has heard about the graduation riot at the Columbia Heights 2016 graduation – but the governor nor his segregates comment on that – Nichols wasn’t involved… (Read: Dozens of police officers have swarmed Columbia Heights in what is believed to be a huge fight between high schoolers)

Below, Our Black News, who talked with Grant Nichols have uncovered documented and certified information that Mr. Grant Nichols did not make the social media post.  I’m no lawyer, but it looks like tortuous interference to me.

Below is the evidence provided to Our Black News that puts Grant Nichols free-and-clear of any wrongdoing other than having a Facebook account and leaving his cell phone unattended (Note: the last name of the perpetrator has been redacted). 

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4 Comments on "Exclusive: The media, MN governor, education commissioner owe former school board member apology"

  1. Check your links. There is a Columbia Heights in the Washington DC area, which the link above goes to.

    • I apologize, I linked it to a police scanner conversation about the graduation fights in Columbia Heights, MN. Unfortunatelybathe link goes elsewhere. Sorry for any wasted time. Best!

  2. As far as I know there was no fight or riot at the CHHS graduation. Only a group of students from another school who showed up to try and pick a fight. Fortunately, the police intervened before most of the Heights students were even aware of their presence. I tried looking up this fight/riot you were referring to, but all that came up was this article and a post about a fight in Columbia Heights, Washington DC. If I am misinformed please send me an appropriate link so I can document myself. Otherwise if you could kindly correct your article that would be great. Also, could you please fill me in on the person the mayor will be giving an award to? How do you know they are linked to terrorism? Those are all my questions for now. Thank you!

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