The continued battle by Michael Keefe for Justice

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By Mr. Ronald A. Edwards – The Minneapolis Story

We have just learned from sources in Washington, D.C., that the Department of Justice will open an investigation into the matter of Michael Keefe and move against the city of Minneapolis with indictments of criminal charges against current and former Minneapolis officials. The stunning aspect of this ten year old case is that what we write here is not a “scoop” in the traditional sense of that term, as we have just found out. What is stunning is that the Star Tribune and the major city newspapers in St. Paul, Rochester, and Duluth, have all known about this since May 2016, and yet, due to their involvement and potential indictment, have remained silent.

This comes as an outgrowth of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee investigation, compelled by constitutional law due to the violation of constitutional rights and violation of equal protection of Minneapolis citizens. They referred it to the Department of Justice that sent it to the FBI to investigate.

We await eagerly to see how this case unfolds and to what level the press will now finally cover it, and to what degree with they be honest about their involvement in the cover ups regarding this case and in the violation of constitutional rights of fellow officers and citizens.

Stay tuned.

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