Minnesota Lynx: Did a Black-Owned company print those murder victim T-Shirts worn at the press conference?

Yeah, I guess its okay to print up a shirt about shooting victims, but not okay to use a black business. (photo: Facebook - Fair Use)

This is not a race-baiting question. This is asking to prove the Minnesota Lynx’s at all levels walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. I think will already know the answers. Where does the team do business in the black community (excluding the nonprofit game)? Please hang tight with me; I have an opinion. It is my opinion –  that the black men in Minnesota and down south were murdered – but that’s not my point and being pro-police, please don’t judge me on my personal statement. This is what I’m getting to…now, we have organizations including news agencies, sports teams, celebrities and large corporations using images, names and connections to the two “killings” (you see, I changed the wording to a different meaning) to assist in spinning their brand-cycle further out into the mainstream (as if they give a damn). The funny thing is, let’s start at home. Did the Minnesota Lynx feel so bad for the black community they hired a black vendor to print the t-shirts worn at a recent press conference?

By Don Allen – Publisher, Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. – Asking a rhetorical question in Minnesota has become a challenging but also a fun and insightful game. First of all, we know the WNBA has licenses, rights, brand commitments and vendor contracts that do not necessarily meet the Minnesota Department of Human Rights fantasy inclusion number of 32 percent; that’s just how it works in the big league. The Minnesota Lynx’s, like Hillary Clinton are money makers and above any petty rules and laws for the common folk.

The press conference held by a select group of Minnesota Lynx players is problematic to say the least. First of all, in a society that needs to heal police-community relationships, you do not enter the room blasting the police, especially your local cops. Remember, if you get beat, robbed, mugged or insulted, as Minnesota Lynx players (and I’m sure the police will give you special treatment) you will be treated great (not only for being the only professional winning team in the state)…well maybe not anymore.

My main question in all this “show biz” behind the unfortunate and tragic deaths of two black men is, where were the t-shirts worn by members of the team’s organization designed, printed or made by black people?  Yes, there were black people’s names on the shirt – but they’re dead; no economic development after death.

At some point, folks in Minnesota who run these drippy-liberal run institutions that cater to race-baiting need to look for example and see how many black, Native Americans, or Asians are working in the marketing department, front office and make critical decisions (this excludes the people who clean up the office; we already know they exist).

But I’m very interested to know where the t-shirts come from; who printed them up and did the team use a black business since they are promoting black justice. Remember, economic justice, is the best kind of justice – press conferences are promotional tools for the agency who called it.


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  1. Tony Setterling | July 13, 2016 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    That’s a big part of race baiting. I can answer question. They did not use a black nor minority vendor.

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