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Wednesday August 12th 2020

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Police want Confrontation With Black Gun Instructor

By Lucky Rosenbloom, Guest Columnist – Our Black News
Mr. Lucky Rosenbloom (photo: TPT - Fair Use).

Mr. Lucky Rosenbloom (photo: TPT – Fair Use).

Saint Paul, Minn. –  On the night of the Black Lives Matter protests on July 9, and into the early morning hours of July 10, two Anoka County Sheriff Deputies were assigned to block traffic between Central and St. Anthony on Dale Street.  Two Deputies (names unknown) stood directly in front of my family business located at 369 Dale St. N (known as Tiger Jack’s Business) remaining the epicenter of the old Rondo neighborhood.

I (Lucky Rosenbloom) owner of the family business, stood in front of my store (attached to the store and fence are signs reading Guns Permit to Carry) for hours talking to the two assigned Deputies having very good conversation.  As people would drive by, some taunting these Deputies, however, the Deputies did not respond back in negative, but responded very positive to people walking by saying hello, mam,sir and told me how kind people have been to them while at my location.  I wish I know who, these Deputies were, because they deserve recognition for that kine of professionalism.

The Ugly Challenge Happens.

Talking to the two Deputies, about 5-7 law enforcement officers (dressed in full riot gear, with long armed weapons etc) passed us walking pass my store and positioned themselves on the bridge located at St. Anthony and Dale St.  After about 10 minutes these riot dressed officers came back down the hill, stopped in front of me, while one of them appeared to be talking to one of the Anoka Deputies.  After these riot gear dressed officers went back to their position on the bridge, one of the Anoka Deputies told me that those riot gear dressed officers asked them if they had asked me it I had a gun and permit to carry.  The Deputy told me he told those officers he had not asked me and saw no reason to do so, because it is obvious I did due to the fact I was at my business moving in and out of my opened door.

Due to the shooting of Mr. Castile, the actions of these riot dressed officer seems suspect being the I am a Black Man with a Gun.  I, as a black man, a black instructor was profiled by these officers.  There was already hostility during the highway shutdown between BLM, protesters and Police during this unneeded inquiry and it is without any doubt, these riot gear dressed officers were looking for a confrontation.

On July 11, at 2pm. I will go to the Mayor’s Office (Mayor Coleman) of St. Paul, to make an official complaint to discover these officers identities and file a complaint with the State Department of Human Rights for this harassment.

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