Twin Cities: More Police will not solve deadly shooting violence, but there are ideas that work

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By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

It’s a possibility someone who lives in areas of extreme poverty in the Twin Cities will more likely be a victim of a violent crime than graduate from high school or get a job. If more police presence in these areas will assist in lowering the tragic amount of shootings, then what will the Twin Cities do about jobs and education?

There is a simple action to replace gun violence with a more pleasant sense of community. But it seems those in charge (community leadership) feels that more money is needed (in the millions), to address this rash of senseless killings and violence. Yes, resources in the form of cash is needed, but not at the current asks.

Drop Outs To Drop Ins, founder and executive director Wesley Smith says, “These children have not even developed. The shootings are about relationships. There are little to no ‘real-models’ to show them how they should act. Until we get to the point where education and employment become the path to success, the Twin Cities will continue to have gun deaths and violent crime.”

What Smith is talking about could be a solution to the Twin Cities ongoing uptick in violent crime. If a group of community members had the resources to mentor K-12 students that have been identified to fall outside of the school systems, employment and the community’s moral code, then both Minneapolis and St. Paul would see a drastic drop in these crimes. What we seen know are groups that can paint a pretty picture, but never deliver.

Some youth in the Twin Cites have aligned themselves with something dark and sinister. The black leadership, some incompetent, have decided that $10 million dollars would “eliminate” the gangs and ongoing violence; but I have to tell you, even $100 million cannot eliminate the current subset of challenges going on in minority communities today.

So, with that said, there are two-groups; these groups have NEVER been given resources to do anything in the Twin Cities. They are not a part of the local usual suspects and the effect would be seen in less than 30 days.

So if there is someone within the city of Minneapolis or St. Paul who really needs a solution that will work, give me a call at 612-986-0010…I will tell you about the two groups and why it might be the best idea ever to stop violent crime.

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