How to Get Rid of Cable and Still See Your Favorite TV Shows

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By Naomi Mannino

NEW YORK — Ever click through all 700 HD channels on your cable or satellite service channel lineup only to announce, “Nothing’s on…” with a long sigh?

Maybe you added a streaming service such as Netflix (NFLX), Hulu Plus or Amazon (AMZN) Prime to get more shows when you want them. Or maybe you want to cut the cable cord entirely and just use video streaming but are worried about missing live sports and live news. To your cord-cutting arsenal, you can add SlingTV, a new streaming package by Dish Network (but without the dish) released in March that just might make cutting the cable cord a viable option.

Sling TV includes ESPN and CNN among others and is a great option for people who want to cut the cable cord but can’t live without those additional live sports and live news channels.

Now there’s another choice: CBS (CBS) will sell Showtime as a standalone over-the-top content through Hulu for $8.99 a month, cheaper than the $14.99-a-month HBONow.

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