Minneapolis Mayor

Minneapolis mayor must Stand-Down when it comes to president-elect Trump

What’s “horrifying” is that a mayor who promised to end veterans’ homelessness; wealth gaps and address the lack of equity inside and outside the city of Minneapolis would idea, publish and distribute such propaganda to the citizens of Minneapolis. How the mayor connects “Japanese Internment Camps” to the current state of terrorism and the election of the new president is a stretch to say the least. Hodges, like the mainstream media are trapped in an alternative universe bounded by sensationalism and driven forward by racism, hate and the ability to capture simple-minded scare-tactics in an effort to cause more marches, blocking of highways and the tainting of young minds that might be better served learning the historical meaning of a Trump presidency, which I’m sure is not a concern in the least.

Open letter to the Mayor’s Husband: Gary Cunningham – Don’t worry, it will be okay…

Your position at the Minneapolis Economic Development Association (MEDA), again in my opinion, denotes you have cordial and diplomatic community engagement. If you’ve done this to me, how many more people have experienced the shutdown of engagement from you. This creates and issue for you; the community and any political ventures you support.