Larry Tucker: The Surreptitious state of Being

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Larry Tucker; long-time north Minneapolis resident (photo: Facebook).

My name is Larry Tucker, I am an American Black having been a resident of Minnesota for over 45 years with one of my four children born in Minneapolis. I have witnessed the decline of the American Blacks in the Twin Cities. It is easy to point to other cultures as the culprit for what they did are doing not doing.

I lived through the FIRES OF THE 60’S and after going home to change my smoke filled clothes I met with politicians late at night to early in the morning in obscure places going over and over the issues. After which only to discover we had not done enough to resolve our own issues. The issues surrounding disparate treatment has been unresolved within the American Black Culture, as a significant cause of our station in Minnesota and this country.  At the time, if you were low income black you were without a voice in the dialoged. Many of the spokespersons then and now suffered from the STOCKHOLM SYNDROM (where the prisoners began to treat each other in a the same manner negative manner as they were being treated),

I have been asked over the years. “Why don’t Blacks do more to assist other Blacks”?

Several years ago we had a Black Bankers association convention in Minneapolis and the president of Chase Manhattan Bank was in attendance. He stated that he had brought several American Blacks employees into the bank but they failed to bring on other Blacks.

On a separate occasion a spokesperson for the McKnight Foundation made similar statements in the early 1970’s. On that occasion the McKnight Foundation had given a black neighborhood group funds to build a home, if successful would have been given additional funds if successful. However, the Black nonprofit was unable to sale the home at a stated price for failure to lose money and was told by the spokesperson for The McKnight foundation to reduce the price and sale the house.

Lastly, my experience over 70’ plus years has requires us to address the disparate treatment in the  American Black culture  in addition to addressing the disparate treatment by other cultures.

Respectful Submitted

Larry Tucker

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