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Tuesday July 14th 2020

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OMG, the Minnesota Black History Museum Building is for SALE!

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By Don Allen, Publisher

Some of you thought this was nothing but smoke and mirrors; that Our Black News had no reason to ask board chair person Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds, curator Roxanne Givens, or executive director Lissa Jones what happened to the money?

To refresh your memory, this here is a detailed breakout of money donated, granted and received by the Minnesota African American History Museum:

They received a total of over $3 million; yes, reading is fundamental. Here are the facts: The fact that negotiations are taking so long reflects the museum’s problems. The museum took a $1.2 million loan from FNB, $1 million from the state of MN, $1.5 million in bonds from the City of Minneapolis, $500,000 from five Minnesota corporations, and $300,000 from other sources. And the museum still can’t open (Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, 2014).

Now the building is for sale? What happened?


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