Is there a Political Scandal in Minneapolis the Star Tribune will not touch?

From elected officials having children out of wedlock to the current question surrounding the martial status of a local Minneapolis primary winner, the Star Tribune and other Twin Cities media have shown their true colors. Remember, it’s not until the big white fourth estate publishes the story to make it a real thing.

By Don Allen – Publisher

This morning I was attacked on social media from posting a story about the young woman who unseated state representative Phyllis Kahn in the primary. Her supporters made comments like (unedited), “What in the hell are you talking about Don!?!? I have known yhis women for a very long time and no such thing has ever happened. Stop slandering her. That is just the lowest of the low…” – although I didn’t write the story, I’m clear that Facebook, especially my page was made for sharing whatever I wanted to post…right? No so.

Later in the day, I was challenged about why I would post “such a lie,” – but I fired back and asked these people – my Facebook friends suffering from a severe case of pluralistic ignorance to give me something; facts to combat this story about a marriage that usually only takes place in the movies, down south (and Canada). But of course, as usual, nobody made any sense and it was easier to attack me than go to the website that originally posted the story and send an email to the journalist responsible for posting it.

Being me, I did this. I asked the journalist was this story true? Her reply: “I totally understand. I just wanted you to know that what I wrote is truth. I made sure to verify via multiple outlets. Plus is written by lawyers. I am hoping to get some more physical copies of info in the coming days to provide an update. Thanks for the support!”

Now can anyone provide some facts?

AlphaNews reported that Ilhan Omar emerged victorious from her primary as a media darling, but a look into her past reveals possible marriage and immigration fraud. Omar defeated 21 term incumbent Phyllis Kahn for the DFL nomination for state representative in House District 60B.  It is historic because Kahn is the longest serving member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, having held her seat since 1974.  Omar will make history, if elected in November, as the first Somali-American elected to the Minnesota House.

On Friday, Powerlineblog ran a story that could severely damage Omar’s chances of making history. A reader tipped Powerlineblog to a post from a Somali community forum website post that suggests Omar may be directly involved in marriage and immigration fraud. A Somali Spot user posted information last week alleging Omar married her brother in order for him to immigrate to the US, despite the fact she’s been married to the father of her three children for over a decade.

Powerline cached the original post from Somali Spot that is now removed.  It shows screen shots of marriage records from the Hennepin County website showing that Omar was married to Ahmed Hirsi in 2002.  Hirsi is the father of Omar’s three children and is pictured with Hirsi and their children on Omar’s campaign website.

There is another screenshot of a 2009 marriage record showing that Omar married a man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. Powerline alleges that Omar married her brother, according to the blog post on The Somali Spot. The Somali Spot user “Abdi Johnson” says Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is Ilhan’s brother and implies that the marriage to Elmi assisted his entry into the United States.  Omar’s brother was a British citizen.  The post said, “As soon as Ilhan Omar married him, he started university at her Alma mater North Dakota State University where he graduated in 2012.”  It then explains that Omar’s brother moved to Minneapolis where he lived in public housing and later was evicted.  Eventually, according to the post, Elmi moved back to the United Kingdom where he currently lives.

This story is important. Although the Star Tribune and other local Twin Cities media outlets have chosen to look the other way (facing the DFL). If this is the case and the refusal of fair and balanced news coverage is exchanged for political favors, the local mainstream media is complicit in withholding information to their many listeners and reader.

I’ve given the supporters of Ms. Omar an opportunity to provide Our Black News with some information to counter this story, unfortunately, the attack seems to be better.

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