Minneapolis: Black Lives have to Matter to Blacks folks first before anyone else will care

Another Negro dead. Who's crying now? Where the vigil?

It’s all about the sad deferment of Black Lives Matter in north Minneapolis; because they don’t – just ask the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), Minnesota Department of Transportation, Met Council, MNSure and the both the mayor and governor’s office. Putting money in the streets does not stop the streets you silly goose.

By Don Allen and Michelle Renee – Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. –By now you’ve heard the news; another black boy shot dead in north Minneapolis. The mayor of the city hasn’t a clue; nobody is talking to anyone outside of their DFL circles might have solid solutions. This is where the fail begins and where the headcount of dead black men and women will rise. It’s already happening in Chicago; over 100 people shot this week with over 20 dead…all black folks – this is in pace with Minneapolis, based on the population of Little Chicago (Mpls).

The sad, unfortunate truth with many Black people of whom are from poor, urban areas is that they fail to accept responsibility for their own actions and constantly blame the system for their oppression. Instead of blaming everybody else for your pitiful and pathetic social collapse, and using ‘race’ as your prime excuse, you should try to be more forthright in addressing the issues and problems that are disrupting and corrupting your communities.

Millions of Black men and women are being killed by other Black men and women every year…

1) Why is this not being protested against so profusely?

2) Why aren’t “BLM” taking to the streets to speak on the plenty unlawful murders of Black youths by other Black youths?

3) Why aren’t persistent, major steps being taken to prevent the devastating gun violence that affects the hundreds-of-thousands of Black neighborhoods across the country and has been doing so for decades?

4) Why isn’t this very same anger, rage and frustration they show to the police force being shown to the multitude of street gangs that plague Black inner cities and that are helping to destroy and obliterate your very own people who you so passionately claim need “justice” and need “protecting”?

5) Why isn’t Obama addressing this tragedy rather than inciting race wars? Where is Hillary if she profusely feels the “plight” of Black America?

This is why the overall Black American community will never progress into what it needs to be and why? In 2016, decades after the civil rights movement, the “White Male” is still being blamed for their social/political/economic/professional trials by the Liberals.

Ultimately, if one dresses like a thug and behaves like a thug and they choose to disobey the law, society has every right to treat you like the thug that you have made yourself out to be because this world owes you absolutely nothing in return.


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  1. Answer to #3 is quite simple. While efforts like the Boston Miracle work, there is no political capital to be gained by helping poor folks.

    Don’t know what the Boston Miracle was? It was a two year program that lowered the murder rate of South Boston dramatically by teaching deescalation and anger management. So not sexy.

  2. Curtis Michael Girty | August 18, 2016 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    Just My Opinion…..
    Referencing black youth being murdered by police and other races of people in our communities. I believe that there are several causation factors that we must look at to not only understand the reasoning, but to explore ways to combat the attacks on our people. Attacks and murdering our people is by no means anything new. Since slavery whites have abused, raped and murdered our people at will. The racist whites are angered to action when we move into what they consider “their neighborhoods.” We must multiply that anger at least by ten when we moved into the White House. Acting like racial hatred does not exist will not make it go away.
    Can we afford to ignore the senseless killings that we perpetuate daily on one another in our own communities? Or does that add to an already sick minded portion of our society. Creating a if you don’t care about your own people then why should I mentality. Oh! I believe that we should be in protest of any senseless killings that take place in the community. However I believe that we have some preventive measures to put in place before these killings occur. Can we take the time out to address our failing family structures? Drug education is also needed not only among our youth, but our adults as well. We might want to take a serious look at the images we allow our children to project. i.e. Sagging pants with underwear exposed by our young boys and revealing clothing that we allow our young girls to parade around in. The Staples Singers said it well in the seventies. (Respect Yourself) Some of the so called music that our kids are listening to under those headphones in nothing short of garbage. You ask what does all of this have to do with the killing of our youth? I say we must start connecting the dots and viewing the big picture. Hopefully the big picture has God’s face right up front. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion. I truly love people. I have a greater love and concern for black people.

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