MSFA and U.S. Bank Stadium Announce Preferred Vendor Registration

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February 24, 2016                                                                                                  612-335-3308

February 24, 2016 – (Minneapolis, MN) As construction enters its last 5 months, U.S. Bank Stadium’s Stadium Equity Operations meeting took a look back at the successes involving women and minorities in the construction of the stadium, and looked forward to making those same kind of opportunities available for minority and women owned businesses interested in providing goods or services to U.S. Bank Stadium.

The Stadium Equity group noted that in the construction phase, goals were exceeded: minority business inclusion of 13% versus a goal of 9%; women business inclusion of 16% versus a goal of 11%. They also celebrated exceeding the workforce goals of 32% minority and 6% women – the project is employing 37% minorities and 9% women to date.

“Today, we are announcing a new way for business to connect with U.S. Bank Stadium” said Michele Kelm-Helgen, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. “By opening up a process where all businesses can register as a preferred vendor, we know they are interested in doing business with U.S. Bank Stadium. In this way, we are opening up opportunities to small businesses and women and minority owned businesses. The stadium legislation’s spirit is about economic opportunity and development, and by changing the way we do business achieves a higher level of opportunity to all Minnesotans.”

Registering with U.S. Bank Stadium’s preferred vendor program is an easy online process where businesses have the opportunity to identify the goods and services they can provide U.S. Bank Stadium. When a business is registered as a U.S. Bank Stadium preferred vendor, they will receive confirmation that their submittal was accepted, and when a contracting opportunity arises they may be contacted by U.S. Bank Stadium operators to submit a bid for their services.

“We are using this opportunity to be transparent and to open the process of contracting to small business,” said Alex Tittle, equity consultant for the MSFA. “We are creating a level playing field, where all qualified businesses have a shot at new contracts, and that’s a win – win for the stadium, businesses and the state of Minnesota.”

To connect with the preferred vendor program, visit, and the link can be found under “About the Stadium,” or visit, where there is a button on the front page and a link under the “Equity Program” drop down menu.


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