Making Racism Work: There will always be House Ni**as

Racial prejudice: “My Culture Made Me Do It”

By Don Allen, Our Black News

Before I begin, I would like to make three very important points in simple clarity. The first one being, I have no intention of moving back to Africa for some sense of moral or structural utopia where blacks work together side-by-side for the good of blacks…that’s bullshit anyway; I am a black American, born in Minnesota, if I cannot make it here there are 49 other states to consider home. And thirdly, no matter how much black and whites talk openly and seriously about racism, there will always be a few House Ni**ers that send today’s black social construct back to the days of white only drinking fountains. Governor Dayton’s meeting with self-appointed, elite DFL leaders will not bring forth any new fruit to Black Minnesotans – just the same old nothing.

Act like a Negro...Think like a slave. (Photo: - Fair Use)

Act like a Negro…Think like a slave. (Photo: – Fair Use)

The Black Minnesotans must activate their survival mode software to navigate in a nation that is judge, jury and executioner in not only magic blue uniform, but those who sit behind symbols of hate and discontent, waiting for an opportunity exercise the invisible and deadly privilege of white hope. We (blacks) do not have time to hold our breath and wait for an ideology we have never seen. Malcolm X, dead. Martin Luther King, Jr. – dead. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – compromised. Charles Barkley, out of his rabbit-ass mind. Bill Cosby, done. There is not one black man or woman that black America can walk beside who represents our patriotism, honor, and pride…not even the former black president.

Face it – the 1960s and 1970s are long gone…the people that spoke for black America have been rendered useless by a Jewish-owned powerful mainstream media platform that can strike in the middle of a poor black neighborhood and every black person tuned to watch or listening believes every word. Respected black scholar Michael Eric Dyson has picked the side of the Democratic plantation for Hillary Clinton and used his many platforms to damn Dr. Cornel West for his consistent agitation against Barack Obama, (Land of the brave; home of the Free…not hardly).

Obama, the former president of the United States checked out on Americans of color using boutique catch phrases and acting black (but not as black as Rachel Dolezal), by appearing on Black Entertainment Network (BET) in a effort to play up his (and our) blackness; I am sorry Mr. Obama, you are not doing enough, and no president could, not even a black one. So while we are stuck in America’s racist purgatory with black people who see fit to assault the fabric of black progress with silence, it lets me know my work is not finished…it has only just begun; the House Ni**er sits poised on the thrones of their white masters to stop progress; create civil unrest and to help the mainstream media point back to the “animals” in poor communities who have suffered for more than a century continuing to receive humanities checks marked NSF.

This story is for the black mothers, fathers, children and other concerned individuals so we can start to try and make sense of what is going on in America today. Racism is a learned behavior, being a House Nigger is a choice.

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