Governor’s $35 million for MN Black community hits the streets Friday!

No, the money is not hitting the streets on Friday, and if it has, not too many people know what it is doing. One thing for sure, we know that DEED is sitting on multi-millions of Minnesota cash and has become the dog-trainer in this thing called grants to cure generational disparities. If you put first-things-first, you’ll realize it is impossible for the same group who created MNSure to assist in a Band Aid for the black community.

Open letter to the Mayor’s Husband: Gary Cunningham – Don’t worry, it will be okay…

Your position at the Minneapolis Economic Development Association (MEDA), again in my opinion, denotes you have cordial and diplomatic community engagement. If you’ve done this to me, how many more people have experienced the shutdown of engagement from you. This creates and issue for you; the community and any political ventures you support.