Tiger Jack’s Forced Out of Business – the last of the Historic Rondo Businesses


By Lucky Rosenbloom, Contributing Columnist

To:  Minnesota State Representative Rena Moran

        St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

        St. Paul City Council

        Ramsey County Commissioners

Policy and at the time elected officials, played a major role in the destruction of the Rondo neighborhood that was the model of moral citizens, our homes, families and businesses.  

Tiger jack’s building is the only remaining structure from that historic Black Rondo community.

Due to the construction of the Bridge our family business will no longer be seen, access will be denied and for all real purposes our business will be forced to shut down for both safety and others not having access for business.

As such, we will not be able to pay taxes on the building. With the added disturbance, and the added use being blocked, Tiger Jack’s building will fall victim to the RACISM marginalized citizens met during the destruction of our community I-94.

You all should understand the institutional and systemic process this will have relevant to the outcomes shutting down and denied access, business not being visible, safety trying to be at the site and health related issues with respect to construction dirt and machinery close to Tiger Jack’s building.

I will not allow this to happen w/o a battle.  I am saddened that you all will allow this knowing the history of Rondo and our family business and injury during this next months of this project.

“If you bring a problem, bring a solution with it.” Lucky R. Black Pride and Honor Radio-Monday’s 6:30 PM (CST) online wfnu.org or WFNU.94.1 FM Conservative Perspicacity

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