2018 TC Social Justice Ed Fair at the Science Museum of Minnesota: Rejecting Mediocrity

Don Allen and Lennie Chism bring strong conversations to education. (Flyer by Winston Allen -pro bono).

Are you interested in social justice and education? Come to the Social Justice Education Fair on October 18 at the Science Museum of MN! Registration links can be found on Facebook and on the website tcedfair.org

Special presentation:

Tomorrow at #2pm (at the Science Museum of Minnesota, during the #TCSocialJusticeEdFair-8-5) we ask the question:

“What is the Minnesota Department of Education’s budget? What are the results?” #Trigger

Are you up for this very important conversation with two Black (yes, #BlackDegreesMatter), men that seek action, changes, and rejection of mediocrity as it pertains to the lack of “social justice” inside the closely guarded constructs of education that buffer themselves in a juggernaut of obscure policies meant to ‘take,’ not ‘give’ and it’s our children that will pay the final price?

As you already know, Lennie Chism and Donald Allen‘s filters are turned off for this one (mine’s always off); we hope to supply ideas, visions, and most importantly, actions that move the agenda of education forward for all students, teachers, families and neighborhoods in Minnesota. If our K-12 scholars are not ready to think global, work local, what are we doing? #TwinCitiesSocialJusticeEducationFair

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