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Tuesday January 26th 2021

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Mpls mayoral candidate Alfred Flowers on the Black Republican, Black Democrat Show, Saturday at 6pm

There is a growing concern that local Twin Cities media outlets have avoided covering news about people they don’t consider, or see as elite in status. The Black Republican, Black Democrat Show on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130/FM 103.5, co-hosted by Jamar Nelson and Don Allen will now have the ability to bring our listeners information, people and current events not available in any other format, with the exception of Our Black News and the System’s Scientist.

By Black Politics in Minnesota

Joining us this Saturday (1/21) at 6pm is Minneapolis mayoral candidate Al Flowers. Flowers is a local community activist and father who at times sits on the side opposite the current mayor and other elite DFLer’s who for the most part have dismantled anything that resembles fixing challenges in Minneapolis. Al will be with us to answer questions about what’s happening in Minneapolis and explain how he could possibly “Trump” the Minneapolis mayor’s race.

Tune in this Saturday at 6pm (CST) buy tuning into AM 1130/FM 103.3, or download the iHeartRadio app and search “Twin Cities News Talk.” All episodes are available for download at www.twincitiesnewstalk.com. Use the hashtag: #BRBD_TCNT

About the Black Republican, Black Democrat Show                                                        Don Allen and Jamar Nelson are pleased to announce the return of the Black Talk Radio Jedi on the “Black Republican, Black Democrat Show. The political talk show will feature resident conservative Black-American, Donald Allen and “supporter of everything Democrat” and all around nice liberal Jamar Nelson. The duo will be co-hosting the Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130, FM 103.5 on Saturday’s at 6pm CST. Audiences may also listen online using the #iHeart Radio app (search for Twin Cities News Talk).  The Black Republican, Black Democrat Show features in-depth conversations about education, community accountability, current events, election news and of course…politics.

“We are appreciative of iHeartRadio and Drew Lee (Justice and Drew, mornings – Monday-Friday, 6AM-9AM) for giving us this opportunity to have our own program, and be able to speak directly on topics like nonprofit abuses, community revitalization, and how education is the key to success for all of us.”  ~Don Allen

“We are two black men concerned about outcomes; we have solutions, but putting first-things-first and addressing the current state of politics in Minnesota for both sides and the many promises have not yielded any sound solutions…we will be the driving force behind the solutions.” ~Jamar Nelson.

What can listeners expect from the Black Republican, Black Democrat Show? According to Don and Jamar, they can look forward to interesting conversations, open phone lines and “one hell of a great fan base.” Tune in on Saturday, January 21 at 6PM for the best in Black Talk Radio on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130/ FM 103.5.

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