Slaves in [SPACE]: The Twin Cities Bill Davis Syndrome

A shout out to the "Bill's" of Minnesota.

Bill Davis is not the first – and certainly not the last. The Davis Syndrome is ever present in the black community.

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. – People ask me why do I write about black people and not about white people. The truth is I’m an equal opportunity blogger-investigate reporter…if you quack like a duck, white or black, we need to talk about you. Secondly, how many white men or women have you seen at the Minnesota State Legislature telling lawmakers about the terrible disparities and how their nonprofit agencies are organized to help the poor white-folk in Minnesota? It seems to me they stay in their [SPACE].

Some in Minnesota’s black community are being misled by a political ideology that protects the [SPACE] of corruption. Just because some of our self-appointed leaders work at nonprofit agencies have houses in the suburbs and drive the latest and greatest cars, it does not make them leaders. What’s happening is the current black leadership structure, being above criticism and marginalizing anyone who questions them publically and privately have moved into a [SPACE] of nonprofit-gain privilege. This means like white privilege, they seem themselves much like white folks and wear of cleaver mask of disguise in a [SPACE] created by them, for them and the people who follow close to their [SPACE].

An example of this is the Minnesota African American Museum. Just ask, go ahead – ask anyone of the former leaders about their [SPACE] at MAAM. Ask them how come after $3 million, Minnesota’s black community does not have a history museum even though one was paid for in full? Ask the former Minneapolis Urban League president about the $150,000.00 grant for highway-heavy training…the ask him where the MUL training facility was located – where is the [SPACE]?

Or how about this one: After over $30 million dollars and a Burger King, Tires Plus, and a Dairy Queen (all sold or closed) and a food processing plant, the black community, especially in north Minneapolis does not own a viable work[SPACE] for its residents? This same group is also responsible for petering away over $190,000.00 in a grant from MNSure to make sure black folks signed up for Obama Care.

Now we have Bill Davis. Davis stole monies from the Minneapolis NAACP; His stole money from Pillsbury-Waite. A community stakeholder who has watched Davis for years told me in a phone conversation, “Everything that Bill Davis touched, he took money from.”

But how did black Minnesotans let Davis operate as a Teflon black man? Well, at least this time you cannot blame it on the Minnesota Republicans. Do you realize that Bill Davis had several girlfriends; use the agencies money for hoeing while I’m 100 percent sure someone’s heat was being cut off.

Every culture group has their [SPACE] of individuals who from time to time go out of focuses and need refocusing. In our culture, Again, with American Blacks the primary retort when some of our spokespersons lose focus is other cultures have done the same thing say, “Why are you signaling out the Blacks people? I am doing so due to the façade being place on their perceived role as leaders. What role model is being provided for those to follow these malign spokespersons?

The black community has many more in [SPACE] like Bill Davis. Step in to any major black agency and ask about a program, grant or why black people don’t have any [SPACE] in the local game and you might get the police called on you. I hate to say it, but some black leadership in Minnesota are not only a threat to themselves, but more deadly than a bullet aimed at the [SPACE] above a black man’s eye. The white mainstream can easily outsource hate, division and marginalization by giving that one sell-out Uncle Tom a little grant to keep the animals looking like they cut a great deal for us (this is in reference to the bogus headlines about Senator’s Bobby Joe Champion and Jeff “Lie Under Oath” Hayden being the “Dynamic Duo” and getting the “package”), which as some of us are finding out are crumbs in are forever crumbling [SPACE] crumb cake.

Don’t forget, you keep voting for these people. Maybe one day, you’ll figure out from the steps of the homeless shelter. It’s time to wake up and shake off the slave dust and take a real look at our community, its assets and resources. Once you learn the State of Minnesota is more comfortable giving $4.2 million to firm lead by white man on behalf of the Negroes (maybe not; it is rumored from sources that he nor his agency were not the communities piggy bank), the more you ask, the closer you will be to defining the subduer and the subdued.

In closing, there are more like Bill Davis in Minnesota’s black community, but hell, we cannot talk about him/her, regardless, they’re hooked into one [SPACE] and one political ideology.

Protection runs deep. Don’t be a slave…LEAD!


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