The Minneapolis Urban League does not represent my interests as a Black Man in Minnesota

Does one organization or person with the same political beliefs represent all of black Minnesota?

Some things I think are very conservative, or very liberal. I think when someone falls into one category for everything, I’m very suspicious. It doesn’t make sense to me that you’d have the same solution to every issue. ~Louis C. K.

Really, you going to do what with the money?

Really, you going to do what with the money? (photo: Fair Use, Google Search)

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News, part of the Independent Business News Networks (IBNN)

I guess my first question would be who died and put the Minneapolis Urban League in charge of black people? It seems to me this ought to be enough for the governor and state legislators to question the validly of encumbering $75 million dollars in an effort to fix generational disparities. It’s obvious the state has forgotten to remove the constraints: racism inside of state human resources; best practices for contract procurement and a host of backwards thinking inside of the St. Paul office of Veterans Affairs, who thinks helping veterans get Social Security benefits will assist Minnesota veterans in a great life.

Well you’re all wrong.

The intersectionality where we currently sit is ravished with misdirection, corruptions and a unguided process of checks and balances that have proven to led into disaster: Tornado recovery money; MNSure grant to black community agencies; MnDOT grants to the Minneapolis Urban League (pre-Steve Belton) for construction training? Can someone direct me to the Minneapolis Urban League’s construction training program facility? (sarcasm)

I still believe that blacks must create the full mechanism to go on the offensive and to protect their economic interests defensively as well. When blacks finally do achieve that final plateau and start receiving six-figure checks per month, that’s when the conspiratorial jealousy begins to undermine those quality service-providing businesses, especially when it involves government agencies in Minnesota.

I truly believe that you must have and support your own legal arm to effectively protect the economic integrity of your community in a civil court, otherwise you’re left to beg others not to beat you down, and steal your equitable entitlements. Develop your economic think tank to examine areas of vulnerability so that when they do attack you, you can counter-attack, i.e. challenge the statutory authority of each bond issue used to raise public debt capital.  They’ve become so comfortable in Minnesota raising billions by issuing bonds that their bond counsel generally uses boiler plate language to be entered in the bond statements even though the statutes being cited to authorize the issuance of such debt instruments may have long expired; thus making the bonds unlawful.

Such an attack in this area can tie up the whole system for two or more years while the question of whose right or wrong meanders through the courts.  Thus, the psychological advantage for minorities is perceived to be “what do they have to lose, since we deprived them of anything to start with” and given their own mindset of impatience it unnerves your opponents when depend upon those billions more than you.  Enough of that assault and they will start dealing fairly with you because they will fear similar ongoing attacks.

Pleading with them at public hearings I have found are generally ineffective, if not downright impotent; since they pay people hazardous duty pay to go to such meetings and interact with the hostile or volatile negro. I’d rather incorporate the former approach than the latter where you feel you’ve wasted your time because nothing was delivered and only minuscule promises, if any, are made.

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