Technology in K-12 Classrooms: A drastic change in our educational system has been in the roll of a Teacher

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Everyday new technology is being introduced into classrooms around word. Will it do hurt or harm?

By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

Minneapolis, Minn. – The methods in which teachers impart knowledge on students have drastically changed over the last century. There have been profound changes in the philosophy behind the teaching methods used in the classroom.  We have also seen an increase in government involvement in the educational system, and arguably the most important change is in the use of computers starting at the end of the last century.  However, these factors only scratch the surface of the drastic changes to the educational system that have occurred over the last century.

One of the largest changes to the educational system has been the introduction of technology into the classroom.  Just fifty years ago, the blackboard was the primary teaching tool in school.  In today’s modern educational system, dated teaching tools such as the blackboard and chalk have been replaced by Smart Boards, over-head projectors, and even personal computing devices.  Technology even allows students with hearing impairments to participate in the classroom using hearing aid-like devices that boost sound volume.  Children with learning disabilities also have an opportunity to excel in the learning environment with the ability to record lectures and class discussions and then play them back at a later date.  It has only been since the digital age that students with these sorts of disabilities have been able to effectively participate in the learning environment at a level comparable to that of their peers.

Government intervention has also helped those with disabilities to better participate in the classroom environment.  The No Child Left Behind Act ensures that children with disabilities are provided with a proper education. Government intervention has also reduced discrimination in schools, which had been a significant problem up until the end of the twentieth century. State involvement has also lead to the creation of standardized tests, which ensure that the nation remains competitive with the rest of the world.  The implementation of such tests also increases competition between schools, thus improving the overall quality of education nation wide.

Another drastic change in our educational system has been in the roll of a teacher in the classroom. The overall teaching method has changed, and we have learned that the lecture-based classroom of the past is no longer relevant in today’s modern world.  There once was a time when teachers were told to educate each of their students in exactly the same fashion; they would stand in front of the classroom and deliver the same lecture to each of their classes every year. You will find a very different story in today’s modern learning environment, for teachers are now encouraged to use a variety of different teaching techniques in order to cater to the individual personalities of each of their students. As a result, the interaction between student and teacher has increased as teachers attempt to build personal connections with students in order to teach the material in the most efficient way possible.

Clearly the new relationships being forged between teacher and student have had incredibly positive effects in the classroom, allowing student to learn in a more efficient and pleasant manner.  Similarly, the interaction of the government in education, and the introduction of technology into the classroom has empowered students across the nation is ways that could never have been predicted just fifty years ago.


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