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Wednesday July 8th 2020

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The Best 3 Cities for Black Men to Succeed

by Kenrya Rankin, Guest Columnist –  Our Black News

Work, school, love—there are lots of reasons why people relocate. But if you are—or love—a Black man living in America, you might want to consider what your current city is doing to help you excel. The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CMBA) released a report today (December 3) that scores U.S. cities on what they are doing to support the achievement of Black boys and men. Detroit, Oakland and Washington, DC sit atop the list.

The Promise of Place: Cities Advancing Black Male Achievement” examines publically available data for 50 small, midsize and large cities that are home to 5.5 million Black men and boys (30+ percent of the population) and assesses each locale in five areas:

Read the full story here.

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