Minneapolis NAACP in violation of Unit Bylaws and NAACP Constitution on MOA Boycott

I'm sorry Minneapolis NAACP; you cannot boycott for someone breaking the curfew rules.

As an attorney, it seems like the Minneapolis NAACP president does not want to follow her own unit’s bylaws. Read them below in a tamperproof PDF file.

By Don Allen, Publishers and Member – Minneapolis NAACP

I wonder who was handing out law degrees with the president of the Minneapolis NAACP received hers. After going online and reading the Star Tribune headline, “Minneapolis NAACP calls for boycott of Mall of America over restraint of 14-year-old girl.”

I became very concerned because this youth is from St. Paul and the MOA enforces their curfew policy 365-days a year; where were the parents of this youth? I allege this is another bogus misdirection and MOA needs to deal with this immediately.

I am sickened about the continued organizational and community habitual malfeasance and how the Minneapolis NAACP surreptitious actions without alerting their membership, or the national office might put the Minneapolis NAACP in receivership while calling for a statewide vote of no confidence for president Nekima Levy-Pounds and state conference chairman W.C. Jordan.

The national NAACP has provided its unit branches around the United States bylaws for which to effectively engage issues of social justice, economics and the protection of civil rights for the advancement for people of color. Unfortunately, the president of the Minneapolis NAACP and executive members of Minneapolis NAACP are in direct violation of the NAACP Unit Bylaws on Direct Actions.

Revised January 2012, the document, “Bylaws for Units” of the NAACP with simple clarity spells out the do’s and the do not’s for local branches with step-by-step procedures and policies to make sure the local branches do not put the national NAACP in path of a possible lawsuit or other legal actions (like the Mall of America requesting a $10 million bond be put up by the Minneapolis NAACP for the request of a boycott; of course, this responsibility will fall on the national NAACP).

On page 2, Article II; Objectives – 1 Purpose of Units: The bylaws states, “a.  Units. The purpose of the Units shall be to support the policies of the Association as described in Article II of the Constitution and support the National Office by, among other means, sharing fundraising dollars and providing financial support.”

The Unit bylaw in Article II also have explicit directions for “Direct Actions,” such as the boycott announced by the Minneapolis NAACP, who failed to provide its membership with any documentation the Unit bylaws were followed:


Methods: Direct Actions take by a Unit.

Methods: Direct Actions take by a Unit.

The national NAACP lays out the approval procedure:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.53.05 AM

Page 7 (Continued)

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.53.20 AM

Page 8

It’s time to stop this violation of NAACP unit policies and request the paper trail in accordance with the above bylaws.

Guess what? They don’t have them.

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