Part I: The Twin Cities is no closer to becoming a Ferguson, MO then a horse turning into a duck…What really matters?

Don Allen, Publisher -Our Black News

Sometimes asking why is viewed as attacking, I hope nobody’s that stupid enough to think that way. Pluralistic ignorance has overcome our community; only a central negative can break the groupthink.

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By Don Allen, Publisher – Our Black News

While black people in the Twin Cities continue to beat, rob, shoot and murder their brothers and sisters – known as black-on-black crime, organizers in the Minneapolis #blacklivesmatter social cabal are waiting for that one law enforcement officer; that white law enforcement officer, to shoot down an unarmed black person. Of course this does not apply to any other race of people being shot and killed by the police because in some circles of the “matters” rhetoric, #alllivesmatter seems to be an insult to this movement. If #blacklivesmatter, then why don’t the lives of black people killed by black people matter in the Twin Cities?

I guess my first question: Why does Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds, ‪(#‎blacklivesmatter and president of the Minneapolis NAACP) keep telling people in interviews, panels and community meetings that the Twin Cities is one police shooting away from a Ferguson, MO?

Well, there has been several black-on-black shootings and just on Saturday night (7/25/15), a Minneapolis policeman shot a man in downtown Minneapolis who was rumored to have a gun. So my question is where are the protesters and why are some trying to start a riot in Minnesota? Some community members, political and civil rights activists know you all of these folks want to be on the news, or you might be trying to raise that money $$. But there has to be better ways to pimp the local mainstream media at the risk of losing more black lives…remember you’re no Donald Trump.

Remember, the NAACP, founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. The say from the ballot box to the classroom, the thousands of dedicated workers, organizers, leaders and members who make up the NAACP continues to fight for social justice for all Americans.

If dedicated workers and effective followers are being marginalized by leadership, locally and nationally in the organization, than members who make up the NAACP really continue to fight for justice, freedom and a piece of the dream? Or is this just a smokescreen to hide the fact the Minneapolis NAACP has been compromised by #blacklivesmatter, a movement stuck in a direction headed downward.

For years I have admired and respected the work of Dr. Pounds. I have cited works by you in my award winning columns; I believed in you, your mission and the direction you wanted black Minnesotans to be headed in: Understanding justice and liberty for all. But when it is obvious, the only real mission the organizations you collaborate with have a focused mission on the Minneapolis police chief and the Minneapolis city council president; it makes me wonder what agenda these groups are working towards – hey, there have been plenty of black people shot, killed, robbed and maimed by other black people…but still you wait for that one, white, police, officer, and let Negroes die in the street. Praying over things are wonderful, but the same God you pray to is the same God that community member pray to everyday to change their circumstances.

Community activist Ms. Maleta Kimmons of One Family, One Community said, “You wanna be starting something. You know damn well there will never be a riot HERE! Half of the professional BLACK folks in this city are brought and paid for, so they not going to advocate or fight for nothing without a soft spoken word behind closed doors, secret squirrel-a** meetings. So stop playing because they’re not about that life to come at the police. But they’re good at cut throating each other real good.”

I think both versions of Twin Cities #blacklivesmatter and the NAACP’s should learn what cultural institutions have become, complacent and even complicit in this new custom in the things that matter?  Individuals still fear the police state will arrest them for legally protecting themselves while criminal’s advantage themselves in gun-free zones and gun control cities.  Families lose children to the Missing Persons List and Unresolved Homicide List while politicians speak of building a new recreation center to replace them.  Yea, founded in 1909; left behind in 2015.

Both organizations have not attacked the real issues or some important facts: Where there is lack of capital, poverty persists.  Where poverty increases, hopelessness endures.  Leaving only three options: flee, fight or persists.

Both groups know Minneapolis and St. Paul’s educational system is so corrupt that they have convinced parents to give drugs to perfectly healthy children in order to keep them motionless in the classroom.  Common core and “teaching to the test” have replaced individual victory plans for students.  Our state has put a price on failure and it comes to the budget table annually requesting an increase in its spending.  Unfortunately, we believe it more important to feed the “ideals” of education success and starve the “facts” of education performance.  We all suffer the misery of the results. Rather than trying to get the police out of the Minneapolis Public Schools (and failing), it seems like the above issue would be a better to address, and solve.

This is only part one of a four part question, “What really matters?”

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