Black Ink II: The Year of the Black Male

You can kill black men one at a time, but never will you eliminate blackness. (Photo: OurBlackNews)

You can kill black men one at a time, but never will you eliminate blackness. (Photo: OurBlackNews)

“It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.” ~The Message

By Donald Allen, Publisher – 

The Black American male must activate his survival mode software to navigate in a nation that is judge, jury and executioner in a magic blue uniform. We do not have time to hold our breath and wait for an ideology we have never seen. Malcolm X, dead. Martin Luther King, Jr. – dead. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – compromised. Charles Barkley, out of his rabbit-ass mind. Bill Cosby, done.

Face it – the 1960s and 1970s are long gone…the people that spoke for black America have been rendered useless by a Jewish-owned powerful mainstream media platform that can strike in the middle of a poor black neighborhood and every black person tuned to watch or listening believes every word. Respected black scholar Michael Eric Dyson has picked the Democratic plantation in preparation for Hillary Clinton and damned Dr. Cornel West for his consistent agitation against the presidency of Barack Obama, (of course I side with Dr. West).

I come before you today with a heavy heart. I need to talk to white and black, young, old, citizens and immigrants to explain this “black ink,” part-two (the first was published in the Oracle in 2012),  is not a celebration – but a cause for major concern in our county. America has a history of violence against those who passionately struggle for justice, including those posing for social media messages of support. Nothing is off limits in this age of Homeland Security, so it comes as no surprise that America has declared war on what is right and just.

There was a time, which some say it still is, when education was used as a divisive tool to segregate black men from the fields of higher learning by killing them in public and private school systems that were never meant to teach black boys or men. Today, in 2015, it has become almost ritualistic to shoot and kill an unarmed black man before questioning his intent or using alternative methods of apprehension. I understand law enforcement too must be able to go home after work, but you also shoot and kill your own in black bodies in blue.

Some of us are saddened by the current events happening across the United States and it is our duty to address these events with our students. We as black people sit wondering what the NAACP and Urban League will do, understanding that both agencies at one time in history were the Rock of Gibraltar for civil rights, human rights and engagement with mainstream America. Today we sit in the pew of corruption with sellouts and race baiters who have used America’s black unrest as a fundraising tool.

The original impetus for this communiqué is the shooting and maiming death of Freddie Gray and all the other black bodies that will be killed every twenty-six hours by law enforcement.

Images and descriptions of the dramatically militarized police response to the protests that formed in Ferguson, New York, Baltimore following the murder shocked the nation. All too familiarly we saw officers clad in Kevlar vests, helmets and camouflage, armed with automatic rifles and tear gas, driving armored vehicles driving through the streets as if it were a war zone.

Black people gathered to protest. They are called thugs, fools and worse. White people on social media, especially right-wing zealots, and Republicans in name only (RINOS) want more protesters shot; the water hoses opened at full and SUV’s to roll over protesters…if they are black. Let the killed be mostly white men and we would have World War III in the making.

News of the deaths of Brown, Rice, Gray and others as well as news of the subsequent protests of the murders, and the grand jury acquittals have spread rapidly throughout the U.S. and the international community, largely through the medium of social media.

The hashtags associated with protests of these deaths have included, #handsupdontshoot, #blacklivesmatter, #oursonsmatter and the twitter hashtag #crimingwhilewhite, but no one has come up with a real plan.

The president of the United States has checked out on Americans of color using boutique catch phrases and acting black by appearing on Black Entertainment Network (BET). I am sorry President Barack Obama, you are not doing enough, and no president could, not even a black one. So while we are stuck in America’s racial purgatory with people who see fit to assault protesters with dogs, fire hoses and tear gas, it lets me know my work is not finished. It has only just begun.

This story is for the black mothers, fathers, children and other concerned individuals so we can start to try and make sense of what is going on in America today. How should we address the issue of police brutality, and how can we make all of our sons safer? We need all young people to go about their lives, and be boys, make mistakes, and be imperfect, and not then face the risk of having their lives taken with impunity by the police.

2015 is the year of the black man because of the attempted annihilation of his black body. Comedian Chris Rock said, “Black men are endangered species. But endangered species have laws to protect them.”

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