Problem Solving

Franklin and Clark are Dead: Black Unemployment at 40% (Minneapolis)

Like Terrence Franklin, in six-months Jamar Clark will fade from all tables of conversations. This is normative history of Minneapolis. The question is will you be a part of a system that addresses the community’s disparities, or will you continue a boutique protest that certainly cannot help Franklin or Clark?

Super Tuesday: Black, Hispanic, Asian and Somali Minnesotans must send a message to the Democratic Party of America; we Like Donald Trump!

On Tuesday, March 1, I encourage you to find the closest GOP caucusing location and come out and vote for Donald Trump. Yes, right now you might think this is crazy and Trump is not your candidate and you certainly are not a Republican – but listen, if you want the other party to continue to lead you down the path of “sheepleness,” unconcerned about what you want and continuing to make promises that cannot be turned into reality, it’s time for you to make a change.

MSFA and U.S. Bank Stadium Announce Preferred Vendor Registration

“Today, we are announcing a new way for business to connect with U.S. Bank Stadium” said Michele Kelm-Helgen, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. “By opening up a process where all businesses can register as a preferred vendor, we know they are interested in doing business with U.S. Bank Stadium. In this way, we are opening up opportunities to small businesses and women and minority owned businesses.

Black Minnesotans leaning towards Trump for President in 2016

The challenge the mainstream media has with the spreading of anti-Trump propaganda is that the lower one-third of the black community does not read their news via the websites, nor do black Minnesotans pick up a Star Tribune (Minn. local paper). Each of these outlets depend on pluralistic ignorance, or the message of anti-Trump passed down in conversations by people who might have seen a headline but never clicked on a link or read the story but do not have the critical lens in which to process liberal propaganda targeted to the black community and its members.