Minnesota DEED: Fraudulent Community Outreach leads to Outcry

If DEED’s mission with the Pathways to Prosperity program is to “help educationally under-prepared adults succeed in well-paying careers by integrating basic skills education and career-specific training in fields where new skills are in high demand,” then why did DEED ignore grassroots, community agencies in north Minneapolis after contacting them and requesting they apply for the grant?

MCTC’s Student Life: Being Colorblind won’t help the majority

I wrote this many years ago. It was originally posted on February 2, 2012 by City College News in Letters to the Editor. With the hiring of Sharon Pierce, President of Minneapolis Community and Technical, there is a need for an immediate change in the politics which reject the success of the black body. President Pierce must reconfigure the Student Life department and bring the basketball program back to the community college; it saved lives.

Super Tuesday: Black, Hispanic, Asian and Somali Minnesotans must send a message to the Democratic Party of America; we Like Donald Trump!

On Tuesday, March 1, I encourage you to find the closest GOP caucusing location and come out and vote for Donald Trump. Yes, right now you might think this is crazy and Trump is not your candidate and you certainly are not a Republican – but listen, if you want the other party to continue to lead you down the path of “sheepleness,” unconcerned about what you want and continuing to make promises that cannot be turned into reality, it’s time for you to make a change.

The Segregation of Cultural Competence in the Training of Teaching Education

If you were to ask me what is the main challenge in educating black males in the K-12 public school system, I would have to answer, “the teacher’s training the teachers.” Although I cannot use this as a generalization because I am product of the Minneapolis Public School system, my experience was a lot different.

The cost of white privilege

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis reportedly sent representative to talk to the Governor recently, but apparently raised no demands related to their concerns about gaps in access to jobs, housing, education, etc. Are they content with tokenism as usual, such as another job training program.